The Voice recap: Girl Power

Team Shakira and Team Adam head into the knockout rounds, and each team loses four singers
Ep. 11 | Aired Apr 29, 2013

YOUTHFUL ADVANTAGE Team Adam's Caroline Glazer performs "Little Talks" by Of Monster and Men in the knockout rounds.


The songs: 
Warren sings "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" by Cutting Crew, and Sarah picks "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones
The knockout: Warren's selection surprises Adam, because he's trying to stray a bit from his country roots. However, he's able to deliver the necessary grit to make this a compelling performance. I really found myself falling in love with his voice, particularly once he got into the song's first chorus. Don't lie, you were singing along too.
But you all know how obsessed I am with Sarah, who brings all of her nuances and subtleties to a classic Rolling Stones tune. Even though she starts off a little rougher than usual, she wins the judges over with her first vocal run. Seriously, this girl is good.
The verdict: The coaches all agree that Warren really stepped up his game, but there's just no way to beat Sarah, who Shakira claims sounds like she has "wild horses galloping through your throat." I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's a compliment. And so, after saying how Sarah reminds him of Miranda Lambert a bit, Adam goes with his gut and chooses Sarah. Cue the typical post-Sarah discussion in which the coaches all talk about how freakin' amazing she is.

The songs: Sasha selects "At Last" by Etta James, and Shawna chooses "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney
The knockout: Two classic love songs force these women to bring their A games, and first up is Sasha, Shakira's steal from Team Adam. After being advised to get out of her head a little bit, Sasha comes on the stage with a passion (and a high slit) that cannot be ignored. She brings Shakira to her feet with her smooth vocals.
Shawna, on the other hand, is known for her rasp. In an attempt to show off her gospel side, Ms. P performs the well-known McCartney hit with a little less attitude than we're used to. Her vocals are good, but I don't get the feeling that Shawna gave Shakira goosebumps (twice) like Sasha did.
The verdict: After what Blake and Shakira call the best knockout round yet, all the judges contemplate how they hate themselves for not having Sasha on their team. And in a not-very-surprising turn of events, Shakira decides to keep Sasha in the competition.

After a night full of humble competitors, Team Adam and Team Shakira are ready for the live rounds. Team Adam consists of Amber Carrington, Caroline Glazer, Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons — or as Adam puts it, "my four amazing girls." Team Shakira is made up of Garrett Gardner, Kris Thomas, Karina Iglesias and Sasha Allen. If you're doing the math, so far, this competition is made up of mostly women and/or contestants from Team Adam, both former and present. But which team do you think looks stronger: Shakira or Adam?

And let me ask you guys: Is this thing going to come down to Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons, or do you see an upset in the making?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night for two more hours of musical knockouts when Team Blake and Team Usher take the stage. Who are you most looking forward to seeing (or hearing)?

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