The Voice recap: A Little Extra Spice

Latinas bring the heat to the final battle round, Usher uses his last steal, and Sarah Simmons continues her reign
Ep. 10 | Aired Apr 23, 2013

IN THE MOMENT Team Adam's Sarah Simmons belts out the notes to Lady Antebellum's "Wanted You More."

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The song: "Antes de la Seis" by Shakira
The battle: Shakira pairs her young Latinas together to battle it out on one of her own songs and when young Mary shows up to the first rehearsal without having ever heard the song (Shakira's song!), Cathia is not having it. And neither is Joel Madden, who tells Mary that she has to do the work at this point.
By the second rehearsal, Mary is more comfortable, and it's Cathia who gets a warning. Shakira basically tells her to find her pitch or leave the melodies alone (again,it's Shakira's song!). Cathia tries to blame it on Mary's not knowing where to sing, but Shakira doesn't seem to care. Once the girls get in the ring, the battle is pretty even for me. Cathia's power is impressive, but there's a quality to Mary's voice that I'm drawn to. One thing I'm not drawn to? The fake hand hold between the girls as they hit the final note. You don't have to pretend you like each other, ladies. It's fine. Drama makes for better television anyway.
The verdict: Turns out, Shakira wrote the song about Blake and how he breaks her heart every time he can't understand her. Sadly, he doesn't understand that either. However, Shakira understands exactly what Usher says when he makes a joke (?) about Shakira's song choice being narcissistic. Shakira claims she wanted to see what the girls would do with her song, and Usher quickly backs down. The best advice Usher has given all season? "You never get into an argument with a Latin woman." And I can guarantee you that man is speaking from experience. In the end, Shakira chooses Mary's signature voice and charisma over Cathia's power. But after a quick head nod from Adam, Usher loses his last steal to save Cathia. As Carson, the poet, puts it, "Tears of disappointment quickly become tears of excitement." After all, Usher has had a number one Latin record, guys.

So that's that. Were the battle rounds all you had hoped them to be? Would any of you have liked one more night so that we didn't have to suffer the whiplash of that speedy recap? And can we please just take a moment to talk about Sarah Simmons?! Is she the frontrunner in this thing?

Final thought: Usher definitely had the weakest steals in my opinion. Will that make or break his chances? Share your musings in the comments!

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