The Voice season finale recap: Victoree for Cassadee!

The Voice crowns its first female winner after an hour and 58 minutes of filler and musical performances
Ep. 32 | Aired Dec 18, 2012

HOORAEE! Congratulations, Cassadee -- now you'll just have to sell more records than Javier Colon and Jermaine Paul. (It shouldn't be hard.)


Least Successful Lyrics: The Killers and Cassadee Pope, "Here With Me"
Is Brandon Flowers human, or is he dancer? We may never know -- but I can say with certainty that "Don't want your picture / On my cell phone / I want you here with me" is one of the lamest choruses in recent memory.

Worst Throwback: Dez Duron, MacKenzie Bourg, Julio Cesar Castillo, Cody Belew, and Diego Val, "Stacy's Mom"
Season 3's "biggest heartbreakers" performed this goofy 2003 hit on a set... designed to look like a '50s diner? And... they were done up to look like extras in Grease? And... MacKenzie still isn't capable of just singing the damn melody? The Voice's surprise tribute to Happy Days (by way of Fountains of Wayne) was a mess, but at least it was an interesting mess. Especially after that truly ear-splitting key change.

Best Ice: Kelly Clarkson, Cassadee Pope, and Terry McDermott, "Catch My Breath"
Leave it to Kelly to show these would-be inheritors of her throne how it's done. Who else could stand on a platform surrounded by four giant fans and manage not to get a single hair blown out of place? But the true highlight of Clarkson's performance was the glimpse it gave us at her gigantic new engagement ring -- as well as how giddy she got when she caught herself talking about her fiance after the performance. Aw, America's best friend is getting married! How fun is that wedding going to be?

Timeliest: Cassadee Pope, Melanie Martinez, Liz Davis, and De'Borah, "It's Time"
One night after Gossip Girl's series finale used Imagine Dragons's "It's Time" to great effect, The Voice bestowed the song upon Cassadee and a few of her favorite female powerhouses. As giant clock faces swirled around them, each of the ladies did her thing: Cassadee played anchor, De'Borah pounced on every note, Liz over-emoted, and Melanie whisper-sang like the kooky tree sprite she is on the inside. And the outside. And secret places we don't even know about.

Best Throwback, Rock Edition: Peter Frampton and Terry McDermott, "Baby, I Love Your Way"
Who doesn't like this song? Nobody, that's who -- especially when it's sang simply and sweetly by both its author and an up-and-comer who's clearly jazzed to be performing with Peter Frampton. Sure, "Baby" was maybe a little too mellow and mature for a show that stars Cee Lo Green -- but at least it made for a pleasant listen.

Most Likely to Become One Direction: Joselyn Rivera, Sylvia Yacoub, Adriana Louise, Loren Allred, and Devyn DeLoera, "Best of My Love"
Hear me out: Individually, none of these ladies was strong enough to get very far in the competition (or to be asked to perform with one of the finalists tonight). But when channeling a soulful five-part girl group, they sound kind of great -- and I can totally see them touring together, engaging in an endless battle for melismatic dominance. No? Just me?

NEXT: The coaches had the time of their lives... sniff!

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