The Voice recap: Crazy Eight

Team Xtina and Team Adam are whittled down; Rascal Flatts performs
Ep. 24 | Aired Nov 20, 2012

KEEP A STIFF UPPER LIP Unless you, like Sylvia Yacoub and Bryan Keith, are eliminated from The Voice. Then you can look bummed.


In the end, though, Melanie's hoodoo may not end up mattering -- because Cassadee Pope is looking more and more like season 3's frontrunner.

Cody has the charisma. Trevin has the pipes. Amanda has the whole package, though the results shows keep making it seem as though she's hanging on by the thinnest of threads. (Why, Voice viewing public? Have you no soul?) But Cassadee has been consistent, and if she continues to ditch pop-punk for straight country, she may prove to have a wider appeal than any of her competitors. The Anna Kendrick lookalike certainly held her own when singing with Rascal Flatts (and Cody) tonight, even when Gary LeVox -- that's Le Voice in Latin! -- awkwardly tried to insert her name (and Cody's) into "Changed."

Then again, I could be reading too much into the success of Cassadee's emotional Miranda Lambert cover. After all, Nicholas David was the first performer revealed to be safe tonight. If America treasures Cody “Oh mah gawd, I LUV when people fall” Belew half as much as I treasure him, he's in no immediate danger. Terry, Trevin, and Amanda are certainly all still in the game, though they might need to step things up next week. As for Dez and Melanie... well, clearly plenty of people like them, even if those people may be voting for style over substance.

The point is, it's still almost anyone's game as The Voice barrels toward its conclusion. Still, let's speculate: Do you think Cassadee has what it takes to carry Team Blake to another victory? Were you, like me, shocked to see Sylvia bite the dust this early -- and do you agree that it's seeming less likely that Xtina will eke out a victory before leaving the show in 2013? And finally, why do you think Carson hates "Gangnam Style" so much -- did Psy hook up with Tara Reid, or something?

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