The Voice recap: America Takes a Bow

A quirkmeister and a powerhouse vocalist are cut, leaving four singers to duke it out in the semifinals
Ep. 28 | Aired Dec 4, 2012

LADY AND THE SCAMP Goodbye, Amanda and Melanie! The Voice will have a lot less sparkle without the two of you.


Ne-Yo's performance was also entertaining, though he had to battle a fog machine, Amanda Brown, and LED screens that looked like lovesick HAL 9000s for our attention. Then again, considering how low that hat brim was pulled, it's likely that Ne-Yo couldn't even see all the tomfoolery unfolding around him as he sang.

If Ne-Yo had yanked the cap up, he might have noticed the night's other biggest attraction: Christina Aguilera, celebrating being officially out of the competition by wearing a bright pink wig that evoked breakdown-era Britney Spears. Or maybe it was a subtle nod to another judge for a Fox singing show, Nicki Minaj. Or maybe Xtina just likes her some pink. In any case, I'm glad to see that her drag transformation is edging ever closer to completion. Now that's something I'd like to see a Voice contestant imitate in next week's "Voice Confessionals."

So here we are, just a few weeks away from finding out who wins the whole shebang. Going into the semifinals, I'd say season 3 is still anyone's game. Terry sounded nasal when paired with Trevin for a duet tonight, but with Amanda gone, he's the only real rocker left. (Sorry, Cassadee.) Speaking of Cassadee: She's got the pop-punk bona fides and that aforementioned fanbase going for her, even if -- much to Blake's chagrin -- she's only a little bit country. Trevin has those flawless vocals, which inspire rhapsodic reviews from the coaches even when he does drippy ballad after drippy ballad. And then there's Nicholas, the competition's most original artist by far; if anyone can inspire a worldwide '70s revival, it's the genial Dr. Teeth.

Adam would have us believe it's "a weird thing" that anybody has to get eliminated. But even if he and his comrades have apparently forgotten that The Voice is a competition, the rest of us haven't. So tell me: Who do you think will make it into the top 2 next week, and who do you think is most likely to win it all? My guess -- The Voice himself will, most likely, belong to Team Cee Lo. And if he happens to do a mean Barry White imitation, I'll be happy.

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