The Voice recap: Reunited, and It Feels Okay

Plenty of Voice alumni show up to plug new projects before the final 3 are revealed
Ep. 30 | Aired Dec 11, 2012

ALL TREVVED UP AND NOWHERE TO GO Don't worry, big guy -- there will always be a market for syrupy inspirational tunes.


Next up was ex-Team Blake member Raelynn, who maybe shouldn't be bragging about how she co-wrote "I Want Your Boyfriend." This song is to country music as Olive Garden is to authentic Italian cuisine: "He and I go back so far / Oh my gosh, we lived in his first truck / First time we heard Shania Twain / Think we were on the way to Lubbock"? Rhyming "sceeeene" with "everytheeeeng"? Seriously? I know she's going for a cheeky Taylor Swift sort of thing, but the words -- and the song's obnoxious, girl-hating message -- were so off-putting that I couldn't even appreciate her voice's cool, gravelly tone.

And finally, there was Team Christina graduate Chris Mann, the season 2 alum who's arguably had the most commercial success of any Voice contestant. His soaring single, "Roads," was pleasantly Josh Groban-y, if a little on the dull side. (Psst, Trevin: Maybe you two should collaborate!) Still, it's undeniably cool that Chris has performed in front of the Obamas and the Bidens. Mama Xtina must be so darn proud.

With Terry, Cassadee, and Nicholas all in the final 3, it's still tough to say who will or should win the whole kit and caboodle. Judging purely from tonight's performances, I'd give the victory to Cassadee -- she was pretty on point during her duet with Terry on Of Monsters and Men's "Little Talks." Terry, on the other hand, sleepwalked through the performance; then again, he sounds pretty great even when he doesn't exert a lot of effort. Nicholas suffered from a case of the Lower Register Blues during his own duet with Trevin, though he came into his own after "Hero"'s triumphant key change. And he was way more consistent than poor Trevin, whose breathy take on Mariah proved why he deserved to be sent home.

It all comes down to next week's finals, a battle vocale that will pit classic rock against punk-pop and funky '70s grooves. Which one gets your vote, finale performances sight unseen? As long as the answer isn't "Raelynn," I can support your decision.

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