The Voice recap: Is This Getting Awkward?

The final three deliver their last performancesand a few inappropriate songs
Ep. 31 | Aired Dec 17, 2012

HE'S JUST NOT THAT OVER YOU: Blake Shelton gets Cassadee Pope to sing the hit song he co-wrote. Again.

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Best performance of the night? My vote goes to Cassadee's newest take on her recent hit, "Over You." Wearing a gorgeously sparkly dress, and making subtle use of the smoke machine (if such a thing is possible), she's surprisingly understated here, really letting the emotion come through in her quiet-but-determined voice. When she really goes for the big notes at the end, she's earned them. Even Christina is charmed by her, dishing out the compliments. (Can I just say how much I love Nice Christina? You can practically see a real human heart beating under that sequined top! And can we all agree that she looks adorable in that jazzy little top hat?) And Blake almost gets teary talking about the song, which he co-wrote about the death of his brother. "You know how I feel about that song and you singing it," he says. "It's perfect." Gulp down those tears, now!

Surprisingly, all three of Cassadee's picks tonight are country songs. (No pop punk for this Warped Tour princess.) She brings Blake on stage for a down-home rendition of Sheryl Crow's "Steve McQueen," complete with a bullhorn breakdown. And her final Nashville moment comes with Faith Hill's "Cry," which is actually a kind of moving choice, considering what she's been through with her dad. (After abandoning her for most of her life, he finally called once she made the final three.) The set is awesome: It looks like she's in some kind of magical forest, with autumn leaves raining down around her. Her gorgeous ball gown is a mullet triumph: short in front, party in the back, with a train so long, it needs its own Amtrak schedule. And her voice is liquid amber. Blake only really has one thing to say: "Congratulations."

I'll admit: I was never a big Cassadee fan before this week. She always struck me as kind of vanilla. But tonight, she's winning me over. After Javier Colon and Jermaine Paul, two phenomenal singers who won The Voice but disappeared immediately afterward, Cassadee might make a good Kelly Clarkson: the girl next door with real staying power. I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes the show's first female winner. Cue the headlines: Cassadee Makes Historee.

Overall grade for Cassadee tonight: A. Overall grade for my terrible headline: D+

Alright, Voice fans, who do you think should win? List your picks below. In the meantime, where can I buy a t-shirt that says, "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Milo"?

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