The Voice recap: This is 50

50 Cent performs with Adam Levine as the Final Eight fight to the finish
Ep. 25 | Aired Nov 26, 2012

GET PITCH OR DIE TRYIN' 50 Cent (left) and Adam Levine hit the high notes with "My Life" 


TEAM ADAM: Melanie Martinez

"You Melanie-ize everything," Adam tells Melanie Martinez. For me, that's a bad thing. There's no song that this 17-year-old can't heavy-breathe her way through, and Alex Clare's "Too Close" is no exception. There's just no intensity to anything she sings. Granted, she gets bonus points for the cool, rustic backdrop, which looks like Taylor Swift's front porch set-up for "Mean." But it's telling that the judges discuss the set more than they talk about Melanie. "The set was so cute," says Christina. "I was gonna say the same thing!" agrees Cee Lo. "She's playing the tambourine with her foot!" Blake points out. "That's cool!" Doesn't anyone want to comment on her actual singing? When The Voice won't focus on your voice, that can't be good.


"A lot of people peg me as some Yale quarterback jock guy," admits Dez. But he's wrong: I peg him as a very specific kind of Yale quarterback jock guy, the type who's currently inspiring pretty young things to post fan fic on the internet. The fact that he chooses Justin Bieber's "Your Smile" this week doesn't hurt. It's not exactly a vocal showcase of a song, and Dez doesn't really do anything unexpected with it. He simply puts on a white v-neck t-shirt and sings as smoothly as any Whiffenpoof, and suddenly every woman and child in the audience is screaming her jock-girl lungs out. ("Breathe, ladies!" advises Carson.) I'd say that Dez is not the strongest competitor here—and most of the coaches seem to agree, judging by their comments tonight—but what I say doesn't really matter in this case, does it? The crowd has spoken. And their verdict is: Ahhhhhh!

TEAM CEE LO: Trevin Hunte

I love Trevin, but the guy has to reign in the sob stories. We already know that his dad immigrated from Guyana, which is genuinely interesting. And I feel bad that his family lost so much in Hurricane Sandy. But lately, every week starts with him talking about some hardship, between the time his grade school teacher insulted him and the year that he didn't have enough money to play football. One of the things I like about The Voice is that it usually doesn't exploit hard-knock backstories like American Idol does, so I'm glad when he finally gets to the music. But why does it have to be Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All"? This is a song that has "Inspirational Moment" tattooed all over it, and since it's paired with a children's choir and a fog machine, it's all a little bit much. "I really hope that, when I die, this is heaven," jokes Adam. Would that mean that Carson Daly is God?

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