The Voice recap: And Then There Were Ten

With only a few people left on each team, even frontrunners like Trevin and Amanda have to work hard to keep their lead
Ep. 23 | Aired Nov 19, 2012

CRAZY IN LOVE... OR JUST CRAZY? Cody Belew takes on Beyoncé's classic with guns blazing.


TEAM ADAM: Amanda Brown

After her flubbed Florence and the Machine cover last week, Amanda Brown really needed a Get Out of Jail Free card. And from the moment she gets to the chorus of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' "Stars," it's obvious that she's earned one. There's such a deep ache in her voice, I get choked up just listening to her. "I didn't know that song," admits Blake. "But I'm glad, because that performance is the way that I want to be introduced to that song. That was incredible." I agree completely. This is by far the best performance of a song that none of the coaches has heard. And it's also the best reason for them to school themselves on Grace Potter: Blake, Christina, and Cee Lo, cue up your Spotify playlists now.

TEAM CEE LO: Nicholas David

"Holy buckets, that woman is Jennifer Hudson!" says Nicholas after spying his team's new mentor. And the excitement is mutual. "He sings with his soul," raves Ms. Hudson about Nicholas. "I love it!" How could she not? When Nicholas sits down at the piano to play "Lean on Me," he has a gospel choir behind him, and from the looks of it, not one of its members is thinking, "What's that bearded white guy doing with a Bill Withers song?" His voice sounds so smooth and rich and easy to drink up, Christina compares it to chicken soup. "It's almost like you're watching a musical legend up there performing," insists Blake. And then Cee Lo goes even more over-the-top. "Let me tell you what I heard," he says. "I heard the voice of a generation. Let me tell you what I saw. I saw an immaculate impassioned performance. Let me tell you how it makes me feel." And here's where he starts to get deep: Cee Lo explains that his father died when he was very young, so Bill Withers was like a godfather in his house. "It was so sweet to me," he says, swallowing hard. "It makes me cry." And that's when Nicholas comes down from the stage and hugs Cee Lo. Holy buckets, he's good.

TEAM CEE LO: Trevin Hunte

Picking Usher's "Scream" might be a risk for Trevin, who often goes with more traditional R&B songs. But hey, his dad took risks. The guy moved his whole family from Guyana to the United States. By comparison, singing a pop song doesn't seem so hard. I like that Trevin's trying something different, but I'm not wild about the performance. It sounds like he's sliding into his notes instead of hitting them. By the time he works his way to the top of that final "yeah" ladder, it sounds like his voice is melting. But don't tell that to the crowd: they're screaming louder for Trevin than I've ever heard them scream for anyone. Apparently, when he takes risks, they pay off.

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