The Voice recap: And Then There Were Ten

With only a few people left on each team, even frontrunners like Trevin and Amanda have to work hard to keep their lead
Ep. 23 | Aired Nov 19, 2012

CRAZY IN LOVE... OR JUST CRAZY? Cody Belew takes on Beyoncé's classic with guns blazing.


TEAM ADAM: Melanie Martinez

Until now, I've been getting annoyed with Melanie's whole Marilyn Monroe routine. Every time she does that heavy-breathing thing to another note, it's like she's saying, "Oops! Did I almost sing that? Silly me!" So I'm glad that Adam finally tells her that she needs more energy to pull off the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army." Apparently, she needs "the bomb to go off."

Now, I'm not sure that Melanie even has a bomb in her, because she never quite gets to the explosion part. But it's nice to hear her put some real emotion into her performance. The praise from the coaches feels relatively tame, but Cee Lo gets a chance to spout off some good fortune-cookie wisdom. "You are the variety that is the spice of life," he says. Yum.

TEAM CEE LO: Cody Belew

Is Jennifer Hudson's duet with Cody Belew the best thing ever? Let's just ask Cody. After tackling Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love" with his idol, he's ready to claim his victory. "Close the show!" he demands. "Confetti! Everybody's done!" J-Hud, the new mentor on Team Cee Lo, confesses that she loves Cody's personality. (Get in line, lady.) The only problem? It's more memorable than his voice. Just look at the sassy way he struts down the stairs, decked out like a soldier from Mad Max's leather-clad army, doing a little pump-your-rump dance that gets the crowd cheering. I love how he teases the coaches by pausing near the end of the song and announcing, "Wait! I ain't done yet!" Obviously, he's having fun. "Cody worked it like a true diva! Hey-ey!" gushes Christina. "You were like, 'Wait!' and I was like, "Oh, hey-ey!" Afterward, Cody explains his secret to Christina Milian: "It's three parts attitude, one part hip action." Whatever it is, it's awesome.

TEAM ADAM: Bryan Keith

When Bryan chooses Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind," Adam says the song fits him perfectly because "he embodies a New Yorker so faithfully." And just to send that message home, a great big image of the Brooklyn Bridge lights up behind him. Then Bryan sings this ballad like a tough guy. I still love his raspy voice, and that arched-eyebrow expression on his face, which suggests that he still doesn't quite trust you. ("You got this little smirk you do," observes Christina, "and I like that. When I'm singing, I get serious face.") His coach is clearly pleased. "You really did that song justice," says Adam. "Billy Joel does sing like he has a pair, and so do you." A pair of what, Adam? I Heart NY coffee mugs?

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