The Voice recap: Goodnight, Ladies

Two female contestants bite the dust as the Top 12 becomes the Top 10
Ep. 22 | Aired Nov 13, 2012

AU REVOIR, ADRIANNA Evidently, Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" was a bad choice.


Finally: Results! Neither Adrianna nor Michaela seems too surprised after learning that they're getting the boot, maybe because the other members of the bottom four -- Cody and Melanie -- get the loudest audience reactions when Carson announces each of their names. The best part of the episode's last moments: Christina starts talking about Adriana, then stops when Carson interrupts her to say, "Christina, say something to Adriana." Ah, live television!

Unlike on The X Factor, we aren't told specifically whether the saved contestants' names were read in order from most votes to least votes. Still, here's how Carson announced the results:

1. Bryan Keith
2. Sylvia Yacoub, who seems genuinely shocked to be called so early
3. Nicholas David
4. Dez Duron, nearly buried under a pile of high-pitched squeals
5. Cassadee Pope, who yowls in glee
6. Trevin Hunte, called right after "Stayin' Alive." He takes off his wig as Carson reads off who's safe, then adorably can't quite get it back onto his head when he goes to embrace Cee Lo. As they hug, Cee Lo yells out something that gets bleeped -- though it looks like he's saying "Cody, I f---ing love you too!"
7. Terry McDermott
8. Amanda Brown
9. Cody Belew, who assures Christina that he loves her as well -- even though he just joked that she had her eyes closed during his performance on Monday
10. Melanie Martinez, who almost certainly should have gone home before Michaela

And there you have it, folks: Your top 10. Do you agree that Bryan, Sylvia, and Nicholas are this season's frontrunners -- or are Trevin and Amanda destined to get back on top next week? How much longer do you think Melanie and her breathy schtick can last? And finally, do you think it's possible for a woman to finally win this year -- or does this week's double female elimination mean that we're in for another testosteroney finale? (The real San Francisco treat!)

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