The Voice recap: Three is the Magic Number

With just a few singers left on each team, Trevin, Terry, and Bryan make the best case for hanging on until the end
Ep. 21 | Aired Nov 12, 2012

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Sylvia sounds a little crazy bellowing out "My Heart Will Go On." But then again, so did Celine Dion. "Make it more, like, Beyoncé-ish," Christina suggests, so Sylvia tempers the Vegas-ness in her performance, but only a little. She still has to close her eyes and open her mouth very wide when she vaults her way toward the power notes. And, in her defense, she hits them—well, most of them, anyway. "That's like the Top 5 hardest song to sing, ever," notes Carson, who's obviously very impressed. Cee Lo hears some nerves in her voice, but for Christina, there's only one word that describes the performance: "fearless." This is, after all, the anthem that sunk the Titanic. And if Sylvia's not careful, it might sink her, too.

TEAM BLAKE: Terry McDermott

Terry sticks with his usual classic-rock theme, selecting Boston's "More Than a Feeling." But he says this song is his biggest challenge yet: it will force him to demonstrate his falsetto. Listening to him aim for the high notes is like watching someone swing at a fastball, hoping to hit a grand slam—which he does, over and over again. "That was damn good, bro," Cee Lo tells him. Adam goes even further. "I don't even know if you guys realize how good Terry is," he says. "You are rock n roll music." By the time Blake calls him "a gift to rock music," Terry looks like he's going to cry. I'm guessing it's because he knows that he could win.

For tonight, I'm picking Terry (Team Blake), Trevin (Team Cee Lo), Bryan (Team Adam), and Sylvia (Team Christina) as my favorites. But we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see who stays and who goes. Until then, don't get nervous, Voice fans! As a wise man once said, "Relax and enjoy."

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