The Voice recap: Three is the Magic Number

With just a few singers left on each team, Trevin, Terry, and Bryan make the best case for hanging on until the end
Ep. 21 | Aired Nov 12, 2012

FREE TO BE MOHAWK-FREE Michaela Paige premieres a new hairstyle while taking on Pink's "Blow Me One Last Kiss"


TEAM BLAKE: Cassadee Pope

The coaches keep complaining that they don't know who Cassadee is. So this week, before she sings Kelly Clarkson's "Behind These Hazel Eyes," she tells them a story. "It's about a relationship gone sour," she explains, "but it reminds me of my relationship with my dad." Apparently, her father walked out when she was young, and she's hoping that The Voice will inspire him to get back in contact. She even gets slightly choked up during the performance, sounding like a more heartbroken Avril Lavigne. I still get annoyed that she wears her guitar like a hobo bag, swinging it way over her shoulder like an accessory, but at least she's able to elicit some real emotion this time around. "You just have this thing that people love you," says Blake, "and I'm one of 'em." Okay, so that's one vote down. Just one billion votes left to go.

TEAM CEE LO: Trevin Hunte

What's left to say about Trevin? That he's a "natural-born champion"? That his voice is a "miracle"? That he leaves "nothing but blood and guts on the stage" when he's done? Well, the coaches tell him all of those things tonight, and it's still not enough. After a rendition of "When A Man Loves a Woman" that's powerful enough to rattle every exploration rover on Mars, with a Sam Cooke-worthy cascade of ahhh-ahhhs toward the end, Adam delivers the understatement of the season. "It's hard to say much after that," he says. Well, maybe four separate standing ovations will do.

TEAM ADAM: Melanie Martinez

Melanie chooses Young the Giant's "Cough Syrup" because, she says, "it's about being an outcast in society, and I've kind of always felt like that." Come on, Melanie. One Cruella De Vil hairstyle does not an outcast make. I'm getting tired of the coaches taking about how "different" this girl is. If you close your eyes to her Minnie Mouse fashion, she just sounds like any other teenage girl who thinks she's the first one at her high school to discover 1930s jazz records. The only thing "unique" about her is that she always seems like she's out of breath when she sings. Good thing Adam can't save her again.

TEAM CEE LO: Nicholas David

"Nick, you are so strange and beautiful," Adam says after hearing this bearded white guy approach Huey Lewis's "The Power of Love" like the second coming of Al Green. I love the way Nicholas reinvents the song in the studio, pounding away on the piano, doing a bluesy version all his own. But Cee Lo says he needs more "star power," so Nicholas puts on a suit, and suddenly he's strutting down the stairs, backed by a full horn section, easing into baritone notes so low, James Earl Jones probably can't hear them. It's a hugely entertaining performance, one that causes Cee Lo to spout off all kinds of philosophical praise. "There is no greater success than the realization of self!" he exclaims. And then: "You are truly art imitating life!" Meanwhile, Carson waxes eloquent about the backing band, which "totally nailed Huey Lewis and the News."

NEXT: Whose heart will go on (and on, and on)?

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