The Voice recap: Holiday Blues

Adam Levine performs with Maroon 5, a former winner returns, and the Top 12 are revealed!
Ep. 20 | Aired Nov 8, 2012

I DON'T WANT A LOT FOR CHRISTMAS If the Backstreet Boys put out a Christmas song, then why can't Maroon 5? Adam's already got his sweater picked out.


Team Blake

The death knell music sounds again, but nothing can stop the momentum of the guillotine that is the America. Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope are declared safe, leaving Blake to choose between Julio Cesar Castillo, Michaela Paige and Liz Davis. He makes sure to congratulate them all first -- that’s the thing about Blake, though. You believe he actually cares about these people. “There is nothing more exciting than when America makes their decision,” he tells the contestants before adding that of course there’s nothing quite so scary as that either. “I think any one of the three of you all could go on to win this thing.” The crowd yells over him -- someone needs an Adam intervention! After a bit more hemming and hawing, he finally selects Michaela as his third and final member. More tears, more hugs, and we move on to a dual performance by Team Christina and Team Cee Lo.

The two Team C’s perform a serviceable rendition of “Drive By.” (Granted, I’m a huge Train fan, so nothing really compares to Pat Monahan’s vocals in my book.) Still, seeing all four teams perform the way they did, it feels evident to me that Blake and Adam have the upper hand.

Team Christina

“I’m so happy that America gets to weigh in,” Xtina informs us. And weigh in, America does. Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub make it through, while Devyn DeLoera, De'borah and Adriana Louise are left cooling their heels. Christina looks a little angry. Or maybe like she’ll relish eliminating people. It’s hard for me to tell with her. She launches into a speech that quickly degenerates into her waxing nostalgic about her career. “I think you all know how much I adore and love you,” she says. “If I would have allowed people to affect me, I wouldn’t be where I am.” She then goes on to point out that there weren’t TV shows in her day. Ouch. Is this a subliminal (or not) dig at the kind of fame-making The Voice endorses? Careful, Christina. You’re treading on thin ice.

Carson stops her before she can continue, telling her she can only save one. “Yes, I know,” she replies coolly. Poor Carson. But he gets results -- Xtina makes her choice and it’s Adriana, who clutches her stomach and rushes over to the others.

Team Cee Lo

Finally we make it to Cee Lo. America picks Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David. Cee Lo eyes up his remaining contenders -- MacKenzie Bourg, Diego Val and Cody Belew -- and tugs delicately on his sleeves. Let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns). “This experience is not only important, it’s iconic in all of our lives,” Cee Lo tells his disciples. “I will always be with you in spirit.” The man should have a church. He makes his pick: Cody.

And there you have it, folks! Your Top 12. What do you think of them? How about those saves? Who chose well and who chose poorly?

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