The Voice recap: Holiday Blues

Adam Levine performs with Maroon 5, a former winner returns, and the Top 12 are revealed!
Ep. 20 | Aired Nov 8, 2012

I DON'T WANT A LOT FOR CHRISTMAS If the Backstreet Boys put out a Christmas song, then why can't Maroon 5? Adam's already got his sweater picked out.


Team Adam

Team Adam is first up for eliminations. All I can say is I want Bryan Keith to stay. I’m a sucker for a good fedora. After some serious close-ups on the five contestants, the first name is announced: it’s Amanda Brown! Cee Lo seems bizarrely upset by this -- he folds his arms, which is more emotion than I’ve ever seen him show. Meanwhile, Adam’s elated. There’s a pregnant pause and -- name number 2 is revealed. YES! It’s Bryan, safe and sound. I thank you America.

Now it’s time for the hard part -- the save. Adam seems genuinely distraught that he has to choose between Loren Allred, Joselyn Rivera and Melanie Martinez. It’s understandable actually; I’m a fan of his whole team. The crowd starts cheering and Adam Levine, Mr. Charmer, loses his cool a little bit. “Please stop,” he says, voice dripping with menace (not really). “Yell and scream later.”

An unnatural hush falls over the crowd as Adam runs down his remaining contestants. “Loren, you’ve shocked and surprised everyone everyday,” he tells her. To Joselyn: “You’re young and talented and sing better than I ever could.” I kind of feel like crying at this point. God, he’s good. Finally, he praises Melanie for her uniqueness and, with no further ado, pronounces her his third team member. She bursts into tears and goes to join Bryan and Amanda while Adam bestows hugs all around (and even gives Joselyn a little foot pop -- Princess Diaries, anyone?). Before they can escort them off the stage, however, Joselyn grabs the mic for one final farewell: “You don’t have to win to be a winner.” Poor Loren just stands there. Awkward.

The show was really front-loaded for Adam, wasn’t it? The guy makes the executive decision for his team, then immediately takes the stage afterwards (not in the chunky sweater, alas). Could this portion of the show not have been live? (Gasp!) Anyways, instead of spreading Christmas cheer with chunky sweaters for all, the members of Maroon 5 don the same bizarre shade of blue. It worked better for some than others (one guy looked like he was in a onesie), but overall I enjoyed the performance of “Daylight.” Did you? Or did you want “Moves Like Jagger”?

Jermaine Paul, winner of last season of The Voice, shows up for some painful product placement, then takes the stage himself for the world premiere of “I Believe in This Life.” The song was kind of cheesy, but I have to admit, it put a big grin on my face. I can’t help but like Jermaine, even when he’s trying (and failing) to sell me a phone. Blake agrees -- he couldn’t stop tapping his feet throughout the performance. But enough of the musical interlude and onto pain and suffering.

NEXT: We hear a lot about the power of voting. Come on guys, it's not the presidential election.

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