The Voice season finale recap: And Like That... It's Gone

As predicted, The Voice's too-short first season came down to a pair of singers. But which one won America's hearts, minds, and iTunes dollars?
Ep. 12 | Aired Jun 29, 2011

PROMO PHOTO ON THE WALL, WHO'S THE BEST SINGER OF ALL? Answer: Javier. America, you've been Colonized!

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Finally, it was time to reveal who had been voted America's Next Top Voice. Before the winner was announced, Carson let us know that the top two vote-getters were within just two percent of each other, and Bev responded by making some hilarious, exaggerated "Whaaaaaa???" faces. Seriously, this woman is an American treasure. Then our fearless host separated the wheat (Dia and Javier) from the chaff (Vicci and Bev), informed us that our top two also happened to have the top two songs on iTunes, and revealed that despite Blake's best efforts, Javier was the champion, my friends. Cue hugs all around, plus the obligatory confetti.

Discussion time! Was the finale everything you dreamed it'd be, and/or more? What you think was the best sartorial statement of the night -- Cee Lo's bedazzled "Cee Lo Green" track jacket? Beverly's bizarre, Dickensian ensemble, which came complete with a long coat and a cane? (Knowing how hot the Voice studio supposedly is, I can't believe she kept it on the whole show.) Vicci's pants, which were made only of sequins and frustrated ambition? What changes do you hope the show makes next season, and what are you hoping will stay the same? Most importantly of all -- do you think Javier deserved to win?

It's been a pleasure and an honor to serve as your recapper. 'Til next year... this was The Voice!

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