The Vampire Diaries recap: A Female Perspective

Qetsiyah's arrival gives us a whole new outlook on... everything
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 17, 2013

ON THE MEND Stefan (Paul Wesley)'s hair looks better than ever when he finally escapes from the safe and meets Silas' enemy, Qetsiyah (Janina Gavankar).

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Just as Nadia brought Katherine to her car, she found Silas was waiting for them. He put a GPS tracker on her car, because it was "better than a locator spell." Ha! And now that he'd found them, Silas ordered Nadia to point her gun at her own heart just before he fell to his knees and both he and Stefan started bleeding from their gorgeous green eyes. Oh Tessa, you are NOT on my good side right now.

Although she said nothing about the state of Stefan's beautiful eyes, Tessa explained that all she did was burn through his conscious mind, so he would wake up soon enough. Then she explained to Damon that maybe he should leave Stefan with her so that his guilt doesn't start messing with his relationship with Elena. Apparently, the tale of Elena and the Salvatore brothers was Tessa's favorite soap opera on the other side. For centuries, Tessa watched as doppelgangers found each other, their love conquering all. Destiny's on their side, which makes Damon just like her. But Damon wasn't listening. He told her to go to hell, which only got him knocked out. He woke up just in time to watch Elena find Stefan.

Now it was time for Nadia and Silas' second phone call, in which he explained that his ex-fiancé must be around, and "reconciliation isn't really her thing." They both want the cure, and they won't stop until they get it. And just after Silas delivered the zinger of the night to Katherine -- "It's funny. The love of my life looked exactly like you but the mere thought of your face makes me want to vomit." -- he gave us the fourth shocking reveal of the night: The cure is running through Katherine's veins. Her blood is now the cure. (So now will more people take it?!)

Back in Mystic Falls, Matt was back to himself, but after a phone call from Elena and mud on his boots, he realized something was wrong. Let's just hope he doesn't think he's going crazy Alaric-style. At the Salvatore house, Elena put Stefan's ring back on and asked Damon about what Tessa told him. He explained that they didn't have a chance because of the universe. "We're a lost cause no matter what we do," he told Elena. But Damon was stronger than some witch's story. "No one tells me who I love," he said. Destiny won't stop Damon "because you are my life," he told Elena. Even though this made me think of Edward Cullen, I still swooned. It sounded so good coming from those lips. But before Damon could kiss his woman (who was doing a fair share of swooning herself), Stefan woke up. Damon welcomed his brother back, but something was off. Time for shocking reveal number five. Stefan: "I have no idea who you people are."

WHAT?! I can't take this, guys! I'm freaking out! What do you think of Tessa? She's kind of fun in a totally horrible and crazy way, right?! And is Nadia a vampire of some sort? More importantly, do you feel bad for Silas now? At the end of the day, all the guy ever wanted was to be with his true love. He's the definition of a hopeless romantic (maybe literally -- he is really old after all). And what is going to happen with our favorite love triangle: Damon and Elena seem to be standing their ground, but Stefan was just quite literally reset, which could make things interesting. Will destiny eventually overcome Delena? Or the other way around? How many secrets does Tessa know about the Salvatores considering they were her favorite soap opera for 2,000 years? Also, how hot was Greek Silas?! Hit the comments below!

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