The Vampire Diaries recap: A Female Perspective

Qetsiyah's arrival gives us a whole new outlook on... everything
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 17, 2013

ON THE MEND Stefan (Paul Wesley)'s hair looks better than ever when he finally escapes from the safe and meets Silas' enemy, Qetsiyah (Janina Gavankar).

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Basically, Silas was the first version of Stefan, and Amara was the first version of Elena. When they violated the law of nature by becoming immortal, nature created shadow selves for both of them. And now, Qetsiyah Tessa was the definition of a woman scorned. Silas had ripped her heart out (something Stefan could probably relate to.)

Elsewhere, away from all the vindictiveness, Damon and Elena found the bar from her dream. They left a sleeping Katherine in the backseat while they compelled a bartender. The good news was the bartender remembered a freakish amount about what happened to Stefan. The bad news was that Nadia had found her way to the bar, and she wanted Katherine. Elena distracted her long enough for Katherine to run, but Nadia was stronger than Elena. Before Elena could blink, or Damon could be helpful in any way, shape or form, Katherine and Nadia were both gone. Elena wanted to go after them and leave Damon to find Stefan, and in an adorable moment, Damon was way too worried about "Euro bitch" taking out his woman. So he might be useless in a fight, but he's damn cute. They shared a kiss before they parted ways.

Stefan, still in the middle of asking Tessa a million questions, discovered that Silas is now stronger than her, thanks to years of people feeding him blood and the time he spent practicing his mind control. That's why Tessa needed Stefan, the details of which we'll get to after we find out what she did to Amara 2,000 years ago. Silas returned to find that Qetsiyah had cut Amara's throat and ripped out her heart. She gave him a "second chance" when she offered to let him take the cure and be with her, but Silas refused. So instead, she put up a "supernatural barrier" between him and the peaceful afterlife he craved. Here, Qetsiyah admitted that she had wanted Silas to take the cure and kill himself only to discover he'd ended up with her and not Amara, but "he's been a little stubborn." And in the understatement of the evening, Tessa told Stefan, "I have trust issues. I'm controlling and paranoid and a little crazy. And that's working out just fine." Then she took Stefan down with a witchy migraine. This can't be good.

On the run, Katherine doubled over with a cramp -- I love how very human she is -- when Elena caught up to her. Elena took the opportunity to explain that, unlike Katherine, she values her humanity and gave her the cure for the chance to find her own after having buried it under "500 years of bad behavior." The punishment of being human? Well, that was just a happy accident. But chat time ended quickly, when Nadia snapped Elena's neck. Seriously, is she a traveler and a vampire? What exactly is a traveler? I'm confused.

By the time Damon found Stefan, he was tied to a chair by vines, or what Damon called Tessa's "compost." Damon quickly met "Qetsi-whatever" and found out she was casting a spell on Stefan to neutralize Silas' powers so that she could turn him into a useless immortal and make him take the cure. Oh, and Qetsiyah was the reason Elena and Katherine had the dreams (well, Katherine at least). She was hoping Katherine's dream would mean Damon would bring her along. Wait, Katherine's human? Poor Stefan was out of the loop. But he was quick on saying yes to making Silas an "immortal nobody." He told Tessa to do the spell.

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