The Vampire Diaries recap: A Female Perspective

Qetsiyah's arrival gives us a whole new outlook on... everything
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 17, 2013

ON THE MEND Stefan (Paul Wesley)'s hair looks better than ever when he finally escapes from the safe and meets Silas' enemy, Qetsiyah (Janina Gavankar).

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Speaking of Silas, his doppelganger finally woke up next to a hot chick holding a blood bag. Stefan quickly accepted the nourishment and figured out that this woman had saved him from burning in the sun. But that's not all she did. She was also the one who saved him from the quarry. She got a man to pull him out, a.k.a. the man Stefan fed on. Oops. Regardless, Stefan was ready for war. He explained to the beautiful stranger that he hadn't flipped his humanity switch in the past three months all so that he would be himself when he killed Silas, a fact that made the attractive stranger decide to share a quick history lesson. Cue flashback!

Mystery woman took us back to Ancient Greece 2,000 years ago when Silas was nothing more than a man in love with a woman, his one true love. But shocking reveal number one: Mystery woman and Silas were travelers together back then. The two most powerful travelers, in fact. Silas, madly in love at the time, had convinced another woman, Qetsiyah, to create the immortality spell so he could be with his true love forever, but when Qetsiyah found out Silas had used her to be with another woman, she stuck him in a tomb with the cure hoping he would take it and die, because his death would mean he'd be stuck in a supernatural limbo she created specifically to trap his soul -- "like any other sane rational well-adjusted woman would do," Stefan said.

And now, Silas wants to destroy that limbo, take the cure and die. Shocking reveal number two: Mystery woman was not Silas' one true love. Ladies and gentleman, meet Qetsiyah. The bad ones are always hot, aren't they? Apparently, we'd heard Silas' side of the story but never got the full truth. Ugh, men. And when Bonnie lowered the veil, Qetsiyah saw an opportunity to return to her "raging bitch witch" self after 2,000 years on the other side. So she came back for Stefan.

And while we're talking about crazy women we don't fully understand, Matt was busy running into Nadia at the alley of the grill. Only, it wasn't Matt. Nadia summoned Gregor, the man she killed last week. Apparently, he can come and go within Matt's body, and Nadia said she was looking for a way to make the situation more permanent. That can't be good for Matt, particularly because they chose him based on his fancy "invincibility ring." (P.S. Can we start calling it that? It just sounds badass.) But for now, they needed to use Matt's sexy voice. Nadia got him to call Elena and find out where Katherine was.

Back at the house that was safe for Stefan to hide from the sun, Qetsiyah decided her name was too "ancient timey" (and hard to type). She decided to be called Tessa, you know, because it's different but not so different that she couldn't buy a souvenir keychain. Hey, at least she has her priorities. Stefan quickly got her to start history lesson number two, in which she explained that she had prepared the immortality elixir for her wedding day with Silas, and on that day, she discovered Silas took it before the ceremony even began. She found him in the wilderness after having given the elixir to the woman he really loved, her handmaiden. Although most of you might know her better as the ORIGINAL PETROVA DOPPELGANGER!!!! It truly was a miracle my neighbors didn't call the cops after this shocking reveal number three.

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