The Leftovers recap: 'Solace for Tired Feet'

Kevin's dad escapes the loony bin and Tom discovers a painful truth.
Ep. 07 | Aired Aug 10, 2014

THE PRODIGAL FATHER Chief Kevin Garvey gets some "wisdom" from his father, who has been running loose in Mapleton.

Paul Schiraldi/HBO

Concerned about Christine's health and suspicious after Wayne's erratic behavior, Tom makes the $3,000 drop but stakes out the mailbox's intersection to follow the money. The bag-man goes back to a seedy motel, and Tom bursts through the door demanding to see Holy Wayne. But Wayne's not there. Instead, there's another pregnant Asian-American girl who has also been promised that her unborn child is "the bridge." Horny Wayne hasn't put all his eggs in one basket after all when it comes to the Chosen One—or the Antichrist. While the other surrogate father inhales some of Tom's $3,000 in the form of lines of coke and expresses steadfast belief in Wayne's master plan, the jealous pregnant girl pulls a gun and opens fire on Tom, wounding him. "Where is [Christine]?" she yells. "Where is that whore?"

Bleeding from the bullet that ripped into his left hand, Tom staggers back to Christine. Wayne calls on the happy phone, but Tom refuses to answer. He smashes the phone against the side of a building, cutting the cord once and for all. But Tom doesn't have to tell Christine the bad news. In his absence, she's given birth alone in a bathtub, and the baby isn't the He that Wayne promised. "It's a girl," she says while stifling a sob.

Back in Mapleton, Kevin retreats to Nora's, where he cashes in his rain check. But just as they're literally on the brink of intercourse, with Nora on her back, Kevin hesitates—if only for an instant. Before he can find a reason to stop, she starts thrashing erotically against him, and the moment of doubt passes. But the demons remain. Even in their postcoital glow, his mind is churning, keeping him from peace. "I think I might be going crazy," he says. "Well, my friend, you've come to the right place," Nora answers, with a smile that seems to fix everything.

Kevin and Nora might be more than two lost souls who've discovered the rare ray of hope in the Leftovers world. We can write off Grandpa's ramblings as the ravings of a lunatic, but in a world where God invited 140 million souls back home and turned his back on the other 98 percent, I'm not opposed to believing that voices—or angels—might be speaking to or through a few lucky ones. And recall that Grandpa told Kevin that the voices were sending Kevin someone to help him. All this time, I presumed that was Dean the dog-killer, who seemed to live in the strange ether between reality and delirium. But what if Nora was the person they sent Kevin instead? What if she and their future of hope is his true purpose? Maybe their unborn child is "the bridge." I don't necessarily think so, but who knows. As Grandpa says at the restaurant, "Context is everything, son."

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