The Killing series finale recap: 'Eden'

Both cases close on unexpected notes in an episode that honors those past and looks to the future for Linden and Holder
Ep. 06 | Aired Aug 1, 2014

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO... WET Rainy Seattle brightens up for a day when Linden and Holder reconnect after the events of the Pied Piper and Stansbury cases


Not long after, Linden faces her own monsters in the interrogation room with Reddick. After she denies Holder had any involvement, Reddick admits he offered Holder a deal because he thought he'd be the weak link. Linden is ready to waive her rights and sign anything when who rolls in but Mayor Darren Richmond. He tells a very different story about Skinner's death, which the coroner ruled a suicide. Imagine the damage to the city's (read: his) image if it were revealed that a cop had been Seattle's latest serial killer. Linden is righteously indignant. She killed Skinner to serve justice (albeit mostly personal), and now the very justice she fought—and failed—to enact publicly has been obliterated once again... by her, by Skinner, by Richmond. Even the threat of a press leak doesn't flap Richmond, who cites Linden's history of mental illness. It's an especially ironic outcome, considering how Linden's accusations against Richmond incited the shooter who paralyzed him; in a twisted way, this is his revenge. He exits, leaving Reddick, who repeats, "Always the one with the conscience," then adds dolefully, "Sometimes that's not enough."

Perhaps it's enough for Holder, who saw Linden clear his name. He decides to pay back the good karma by waiting for Danette to visit Kallie's grave. He hands her Kallie's earring, apologizes for his outburst, and mentions that he's going to have a little girl. "I just don't want to f--- it up," he tells Danette. She replies succinctly, "Then don't."

When Danette asks about Linden, Holder excuses himself and heads to another grave that reads "Rachel Olmstead." BULLET! He drapes Bullet's necklace across the tombstone and walks away, and the shot lingers on the back of her stone, which displays the winged-heart FAITH tattoo the teen designed.

In her now-empty home, Linden finds her own bullet—the shell casing that had rolled onto an air vent. She picks it up, steps out into an uncharacteristically sunny day and drives into the horizon.

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