The Killing series finale recap: 'Eden'

Both cases close on unexpected notes in an episode that honors those past and looks to the future for Linden and Holder
Ep. 06 | Aired Aug 1, 2014

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO... WET Rainy Seattle brightens up for a day when Linden and Holder reconnect after the events of the Pied Piper and Stansbury cases


Rayne returns to her office and is startled by Fielding and Knopf. As the Colonel badgers them about their tone, their lack of trust, and sticking to the plan, Knopf unsurprisingly proves to be the grou['s wild card. He suggests killing Rayne right there—but this old broad's seen a lot more life than these scared cadets. In fact, she was the one who had to clean up their mess after they stole her car to go to the Stansburys that fateful night. Fearing they'll be in her thrall forever, Knopf and Fielding start to leave the room together.

Downstairs, Linden and Holder have their warrant in hand and are ushering in a squad of officers to arrest Rayne. They hear two decisive blasts and find that Rayne has shot the boys. Though she confesses to the murders, Linden has evidence that she's lying and wonders who Rayne is protecting. It's then that Linden sees the soldiers lined up in Rayne's display case and realizes that Kyle was the baby Rayne had lost 17 years before. "Don't tell him, please," Rayne begs. "He'll think that I didn't want him. He'll never understand. I'm just not built that way." And, just so Holder's extra-conflicted about his impending fatherhood, she continues, "To love a child makes you open to all the hurt in the world."

Rayne insists through tears that she be arrested for these crimes she ardently believes she set in motion. For the first time, she and Linden see eye to eye. Rayne places her weapon down and, as Holder reads her Miranda rights, she and Linden exchange powerful, knowing glance.

Or perhaps those glances were conspiratorial? Linden is hell-bent on charging Rayne with all the murder, even though Holder points out she did not kill the Stansburys. Holder wants to bring Kyle into the station, and Linden spits out (echoing Rayne), "Don't you touch him!" She draws her gun on Holder, at which point it's obvious she has lost the plot. But this isn't about Kyle. It's about Skinner, and the shell casing, and Linden's deep issues with abandonment. She's convinced herself that Holder took the shell casing as insurance and was colluding with Reddick to set her up. (We saw this was not the case when Reddick had to go it alone at the Deputy's office.) The sheer force of hurling out all these accusations doubles Linden over, knocking the wind out of her. As she recovers, Holder walks away silently, disgusted.

NEXT: Kyle explains it all

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