The Killing recap: 'Truth Asunder'

As Reddick circles Holder and Linden, Kyle comes head to head with the truth about his family's murder.
Ep. 05 | Aired Aug 1, 2014

HIDE AND SNEAK As he remembers more details about the night of the murders, Kyle is caught in the crosshairs of his fellow cadets


Cut to yet more bickering and blame-throwing between Linden and Holder. It gets really personal: Linden calls Holder a junkie who'll be an awful dad. Holder reminds Linden that she actually is a terrible parent, since she forgot she's supposed to take Jack to the airport. The exchange ends on this awful note from Holder: "I'm the one who's f---ed up? The only people you care about are dead."

With one exception: Linden takes Jack to the airport, tells him to stay with his father, and gives him what's far and away the single most uplifting speech of the series: "Grab every piece of life, every piece of it, and never be ashamed of anything because, no matter what happens to me, you were always my best thing." Here's when the embrace comes. With Linden and her biological mom, it would have felt hokey. With Linden and Jack, it feels necessary.

Times aren't so great for Holder, who has a double whammy of a monastery flip-out followed by Reddick cornering him in the bathroom. Reddick plays his former partner like a fiddle, hitting the same notes he did with Linden—but pinning his instinct to dredge the lake on Skinner's wife spotting Linden at the lake house. "Linden is bringing you down, man," he says. "You want to tell your side of the story? ... I can help you." He offers Holder a deal, saying, "This is your chance to dig yourself out of your grave—protect your kid, your family."

It's midnight at St. George's; the Reaping weird half-naked-boy ambush begins. The cadets, led by Fielding and Knopf, encircle Kyle and slide a picture of him with his mother near his knees on the ground. He flashes back to the last time he was in that position, when his classmates' bizarro Oedipal masturbation ritual devolved into chants of "Kill [your mother]! Kill her!" Kyle flees the latrine and makes a beeline for Rayne's house. After promising to help him, she steps away just long enough for him to notice a row of military figures just like the ones his father gave him.

Confused and scared, Kyle pulls a gun on Rayne. She manages to talk him down briefly before he shoves her on the floor and runs out of the house. Bad move. As he sprints through the woods, bullets chase him. Whose bullets? Trained snipers Field and Knopf, of course.

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