The Killing recap: 'Truth Asunder'

As Reddick circles Holder and Linden, Kyle comes head to head with the truth about his family's murder.
Ep. 05 | Aired Aug 1, 2014

HIDE AND SNEAK As he remembers more details about the night of the murders, Kyle is caught in the crosshairs of his fellow cadets


As Linden senses the walls closing she, she begins to settle up her affairs. She heads to her biological mother's house to ask if she'll care for Jack if anything happens. As Linden appraises the pictures on the mantel, she notices one of the two of them from Linden's childhood. The women reminisce about one of their last, best days together before Linden was taken away: Hand-in-hand, they went to several parades (young Linden loved parades), and Linden's mother bought her a red pinwheel that resembled both of their fiery hair. As night descended and the crowd got thicker, Linden lost the pinwheel... then she lost her mother's hand. It was a symbolic moment since Linden's mother gave her away not long after. This act of retelling the story is cathartic for both of them. It's not exactly a total reconciliation—they do not embrace (or even hold hands); in fact, Linden stays just far enough away to evade her mother's touch as she walks out the door. Still, they seemed to have achieved some sense of peace as they part ways.

Holder and Linden visit Rayne's dance instructor, Charles Ross, to follow up on her alibi. Long story short, they're cuddle buddies. But the real heart of this scene lies in the pop-culture one-liners Holder slips into the conversation: "Come on, Chuck, everybody's seen Dirty Dancing," and "That's it? G.I. Jane just wants a hug?" Ross also explains that Margaret had lost a child. (Whether that child was hers or the one for whose death she was responsible remains unclear.)

Speaking of children, Linden arrives home to overhear Jack talking to his girlfriend, admitting that hasn't actually been booted from his dad's house but that he only came to Seattle so Linden wouldn't be sad and alone. In turn, that makes her realize how sad and alone she really is... and also puts the shoe on the other foot in her analysis of Rayne.

Back at St. George's, Kyle notices some black ropes on the doors during Family Day. One of the other cadets mentions a secret meeting that night, and it strikes a nerve. Kyle approaches Knopf to mention that he saw the same rope on his door the afternoon before his family was murdered. Knopf refuses to answer his questions but flees to Rayne's house, where he finds Fielding, who declares, "The plan's falling apart." In not so many words, Knopf and Fielding cop to being involved in the Stansbury murders (Fielding, in particular, admits to recovering the gun detectives were unable to find). They say they've followed Rayne's plans to the letter, but now it's time to find out what Kyle remembers. Rayne goes level-10 mama bear on Fielding, telling him not to touch Kyle. He says, "You're getting soft, Colonel, and frankly you're coddling that little s---." Whap! She smacks him across the face—and without even singing a nursery rhyme.

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