The Killing recap: 'Truth Asunder'

As Reddick circles Holder and Linden, Kyle comes head to head with the truth about his family's murder.
Ep. 05 | Aired Aug 1, 2014

HIDE AND SNEAK As he remembers more details about the night of the murders, Kyle is caught in the crosshairs of his fellow cadets


Inside, Reddick cockily enters Linden's office to lay out his (100 percent accurate) theory about Skinner's death. After Reddick's play-by-play of the last, say, 120 hours of her life, Linden takes it all in and finally says, "I've misjudged you." Oh, but wait for it. She continues, "You're even more incompetent than I thought. Because if you had anything more than this f---ed-up, made-up story, I'd be in cuffs right now." Her face is positively hollowed-out, and her smile has the wry curl of a demonic Mona Lisa. Well-played, Mireille Enos. Reddick leans in with an arrogant smile and promises one of their mistakes will give him the edge. For starters, he says, the only reason he dredged the lake was because Holder confessed at the NA meeting. Linden maintains her defiant expression throughout, even as Reddick adds, "It's always the one with the conscience." Burn! After Reddick leaves, Linden allows herself to collapse. Just a little.

At St. George's, Kyle takes the advice of Knopf (you know, because he's so trustworthy) and investigates Fielding's room, where he finds the same floor plan of Casa Stansbury that was on his own desk the night before.

Meanwhile, Holder clutches one of the baby shoes he bought at the grocery store as Caroline fills him in on the warrant-denying judge's St. George connection. She schools him on judicial politics and urges him not to risk his career and their life together for a case. In the end, that's not necessary: Rayne shows up and consents for the SPD to search her car. While that happens, Sarah flips the script Rayne so enjoys, telling the Colonel, "I know women like you, alone in the world...." Holder is coarser: "Hell hath no fury like a crazy, psycho bitch."

Once the sweep of Rayne's car comes up empty (what do you know, she recently had it reupholstered), she provides her whereabouts on the night of the murders (turns out that dance instructor instructs her on and off the floor) before Linden starts digging into the details of her discharge. On the record, it was an honorable discharge, but Linden knows Rayne was responsible for the death of a man and his toddler son. She asks coldly, "What was it like, watching them die?" Rayne questions whether Linden has ever even fired her gun—oh, if she only knew! Linden remains silent. "A soldier doesn't have the luxury of hindsight," Rayne asserts. It's amazing how intensely these women think they have each other nailed, how they dance around each other doing once-overs, and yet how they're perpetually too blinded by their own biases and experiences (and, perhaps, by their own similarities) to ever really land a punch.

NEXT: Linden makes amends

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