The Killing recap: 'Dream baby dream'

Linden and Holder's luck appears to run out in the wake of an episode centered on parental failings and fears.
Ep. 04 | Aired Aug 1, 2014

I, SPIDER A children's song takes on a sinister brutality in the hands of the boys of St. George's Academy.

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That night, Kyle returns to his dorm to find the same map he saw earlier with a gun placed on top next to a note that advises him to "Finish what you started." He sneaks into Rayne's office to call Linden, only to be intercepted by Knopf. Kyle frantically brings Rayne to his room, but the gun, floor plan, and note are gone. Rayne locks him in for his "protection," which is pretty much the beginning of a horror movie—especially when Linden learns that the Corolla belongs to Rayne herself. The calls are coming from inside the house!

Tying together many threads from this episode, Reddick's junkie informant reported Holder's NA testimony that he'd been involved in a murder. With very little effort, Reddick discovers that Holder placed a call from the tower near Skinner's lake house and that Linden had requested a photo of a car that turned out to be Skinner's. A conversation with Mrs. Skinner about her husband's sexual proclivities ended with announcing she'd seen Linden toss something into the lake.

As night falls, Linden calls Holder, who flatly tells her to come to the lake. She arrives, and they behold rows of bodies wrapped in red bags—bodies that would have been the triumph of their careers if they'd only found them a week earlier. Now, Skinner and his car are also in that water gravy... though not for long. In a nice visual flourish that ties together the two arcs on the series so far, we get the full panorama, first with the body bags flanking Holder and Linden ( season 2 nod), then with the car rising from the water in front of them (like the beginning of Rosie Larsen's case). Though Holder is guilty by association, the camera zooms in on Linden for the final shot of the episode. This is her war, and she is steeling herself. Did it need to take four episodes to get to this point? Probably not, but now we're in the home stretch, and it is on.

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