The Killing recap: The Cowardly Lyin'

Holder and Seward focus on Pastor Mike, Bullet and Lyrics' honeymoon doesn't last long, and Seward is shaken by his impending death
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 7, 2013

WEIGHED DOWN The reality of Seward's execution starts to take hold.

Carole Segal/AMC

SPD. Linden checked in with Skinner, who preemptively told her that Pastor Mike's apprehension wouldn't mean a thing for Seward since they still hadn't made any connections between the two cases. He added that all the Piper's victims were killed between June and November of 2009 -- a full month before Trisha Seward's murder. Linden suggested that perhaps the difference was intentional, that it meant something. Skinner asked what it might mean, and Linden had no answers. She fell into an emotional tailspin, speaking about their obligation to stop Seward's execution if they had any reasonable doubts about his guilt. Skinner rightly pointed out that, judicially speaking, they didn't. He did, however, admit that he believed her. As she nuzzled him (stop it, Linden!), they were interrupted by news that Pastor Mike's car had been located.

The car sat just below a set of train tracks, its backseat soaked in blood. Linden suggested requisitioning security cam footage, but Holder was still stewing on their fumble a few hours back: "We had him, Linden. We had him." He walked away, disgusted. Putting aside the fact that Holder was essentially responsible for the minister's fight-or-flight instinct, let's focus on the fact that the partners appear to be at a breaking point.

And they weren't alone in their fragility. Bullet returned to Pastor Mike's house and ineffectually tried to break through the police lines to get Lyric. Of course Bullet's girl wasn't there, and Bullet had failed as a protector once more.

Elsewhere, Ms. Leeds stopped pacing around the precinct when her eyes caught on the vic board -- all teen girls, all so much like her daughter.

But it was Linden who would close out the night as she climbed into her car. She was so dispirited, she failed to notice Pastor Mike in the backseat. He popped up, stuck a knife to her throat, and whispered coldly, "Drive." Gotta give the guy credit. He sure knows how to work a low-talk-- and ruin a late-night ice cream snack.

Thoughts, Killing fans? Was that ending a little over-the-top? Did you the reappearance of Cody get your Spidey sense a-tinglin'? I know you were all worrying for Bullet, but did you see Lyric's apparent abduction coming? With Holder proudly talking about his sobriety, then encountering this major failure, do you fear he'll be taking another stroll down the highway soon? And then there's Seward... I don't exactly see that one walking off into the sunset either. Discuss.

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