The Killing recap: The Cowardly Lyin'

Holder and Seward focus on Pastor Mike, Bullet and Lyrics' honeymoon doesn't last long, and Seward is shaken by his impending death
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 7, 2013

WEIGHED DOWN The reality of Seward's execution starts to take hold.

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Beacon House. Seriously, Ms. Leeds? You're here now?! I just can't anymore with that woman. In a nutshell, Pastor Mike explained what a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad life Kallie had -- though he tried to smooth it over by talking about how the teen like to take cosmetology lessons and insisting, "She's still out there. Kallie is a tough girl. A survivor." Because she's deluded, Ms. Leeds was comforted by these words. That is, until she went out to her car to find a menu with the words "HE'S LYING" written on it stuck under her windshield wiper.

Ms. Leeds immediately took the flyer/tip to Linden, who followed up on the pizzeria where the menu came from because Linden felt that whoever had sent that note wanted to be found. And indeed, she was right. Soon after Holder ordered his Hawaiian pizza with extra pineapple (making me fall a little bit out of love with him, I'm sad to report), Linden spotted the femme-y urchin boy we've seen pop up a few times -- most recently when he eavesdropped on the detectives' chat with Pastor Mike at the top of the hour. He joined the partners for a smoke and told them he'd seen Angie from the roof of Beacon House at 4 a.m. a few nights before. He said he called Pastor Mike, who was mysteriously out for a drive. When the good pastor arrived, Angie screamed and ran. Pastor Mike pursued her in his car, only to return an hour later -- alone and covered in blood.

Palate cleanser: Bullet and Lyric shared a sweet moment (albeit after they were kicked out of the abandoned motel by an exceptionally cruel Twitch). Bullet gazed lovingly at Lyric, who shared her dreams of public housing with a view of the water. Bullet couldn't stop herself from telling Lyric, "I am totally in love with you." Lyric, who'd probably never been adored by anyone, liked that feeling. She noted it was going to rain that night. Bullet promised she'd find them shelter, and Lyric stroked her DIY tattoo and assured, "I know you will. I have faith in you."

Alas, that sweet moment was slightly undermined when Bullet approached Pastor Mike for a place to stay and obliviously let it slip that the cops had suspicions that PM was up to more than the Lord's work. D'oh!

SPD. Linden and Holder updated Skinner about their findings. Instead of being intrigued by the  fact that they'd made any progress at all, he acted put off. He discouraged Holder's suggestion they get a search warrant for the minister's car and barely granted Linden's suggest to vet Pastor Mike more thoroughly. He turned even the most proactive order into a dig: "Get eyes on his car. I don't want him disappearing like Joe Mills." Most uncool of all, he actively insulted Holder's dressed-down look. And still no one has noticed that Linden has been wearing the same Fair Isle sweater for three years.

So Holden and Linden went to keep an eye on Pastor Mike. What started as a teasing conversation about Linden's indiscreet smoking ("You're not exactly Houdini with those things") turned to Cody and the lie Linden had been living. Holder said, with buckets of meaning, "Sometimes what you get is not what you want." Right now Linden both wanted and needed cigarette. Especially after Holder got a call that the Pastor's supposedly clean record was a fraud and that the real Pastor Mike had died four years ago.

Holder made a beeline to check out Pastor Mike's car but instead found a rental in the driveway. PM came out to ask what they were up to, and Holder grilled aggressively about the rental car. Then he turned to the Ephesians 1:7 tattoo, asking, "What kind of forgiveness you looking for, Pastor?" Mike answered, "Same kind you are, all of us are." He noted that grace and hope are also part of the verse. (At this point I feel it's incumbent upon me to note that the title of this episode is "Hope Kills.") Just as Holder was getting really surly -- saying, "Maybe instead of looking for grace to guide you, you should own up to the truth" -- Linden cut off the conversation in fear that Pastor Mike might flee. As they got into the car, Holder called in for one of his colleagues to search police records for PM's tattoo.

Inside the house, Lyric thanked Pastor Mike for letting them stay there that night and noted that Bullet would be gone for a while because she had to meet with her parole officer.

NEXT: Seward's façade shows cracks

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