The Killing recap: Close Calls

A bloody girl leads the detectives back where they started, Bullet aids the investigation, and Ms. Leeds grows a conscience, though Seward remains mostly conscience- and forgiveness-free
Ep. 04 | Aired Jun 23, 2013

A PHONE TO PICK After Ms. Leeds apathetically insists Kallie is just a phone call away, Linden finally gives it to Seattle's Worst Mom

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Back at the station, Linden inadvertently encountered Skinner's daughter Bethany looking at the vic board and struck up a conversation. Just as the girl identified herself, Skinner's wife emerged from his office and gave Linden a face full o' stank.

Since Linden had missed the ferry home, she went knocking on Holder's door. The only hiccup was that Caroline was there. Still, she warmly welcomed in Linden and prepared her a plate of food while Holder rhapsodized about all the catfishing shows he had on his DVR. Caroline meekly returned from the kitchen with a vegan, gluten-free red velvet cake. Holder obliviously asked, "How'd you know Linden has a sweet tooth?" Of course it wasn't for her, it was Caroline's Valentine's Day gift for Holder. Linden sat there awkwardly as Holder took a hilariously panicked pause before he unconvincingly pretended he hadn't forgotten and added that he celebrated on Feb. 15 because it was "not so commercial." Caroline took it calmly, though she was clearly disappointed. Holder's phone rang, and he tried to make it up to her by not answering. That only made things uncomfortable, and finally Caroline put them all out of their misery, telling them, "You kids be safe" as they headed out to follow up on a lead from Bullet.

Linden and Holder drove Bullet to a veterinarian's office, behind which some guy named Lobo (who I sincerely hope will become The Killing's answer to Tino) said he'd seen a guy dragging a bleeding girl into an alley. Holder told Bullet to wait in the car while they investigated, and Bullet shot back, "I'll wait where I wait." Such spunk! The detectives entered the dark office and heard noise in the back. They easily found a doctor hiding away and flipped on the lights as they ordered him to the ground. He insisted he hadn't brought the girl there, that she'd looked worse when she'd arrived, and that he wasn't "paid to know" what happened to girls like this.

Linden headed inside a surgical room and found a redheaded teen with a bandage covering her missing finger. She also had severe cuts on her neck and a serious set of pipes that she used to unleash ear-piercing screams at Linden. But she wasn't Kallie.

A bit later, Holder told Linden to go to the hospital while he talked to Bullet, who was bereft her friend hadn't been found. "I'm starting to think all the memories I got of Kallie are probably going to be the only ones I'll ever have," she said, adding, "She's probably dead isn't she?" Holder had to admit Kallie probably was dead, and Bullet leaned on him as the truth took hold.

Prison. The guards returned with Hill, who looked absolutely shattered from his meeting with the family. Seward got an evil grin on his face as he taunted the Kid about his pre-planned performance. But the fun only lasted a moment. He pulled back when Hill finally revealed how he'd killed a husband and wife who'd caught him stealing from a home safe. The shattering part: The husband and wife were his parents, and the family for whom he'd been rehearsing his repentant speech? His brother and sister. "They forgave me," he said with simultaneous notes of surprise and defeat.

Ms. Leeds returned home to Mills who was more concerned about what she'd brought him to eat than her worry over Kallie. She mentioned that the police had stopped by that day, but when she wouldn't say what they wanted, he headed into the shower. She picked up her phone to dial Kallie's number again -- only this time she could hear the ringing on the other end. She walked over to Mills' bag and picked up a phone to see that the ID screen announced the incoming call was from "Mom." Frozen with horror, she just stood there as the phone rang repeatedly. Then the door opened behind her, and Mills stood behind her... a foreboding silhouette.

Well, we're nearing the halfway point, Killing fans. Could Mills possibly be the perp if he looks this guilty this early? Do you have any thoughts about how it will all connect back to Seward? Reactions to his response to Adrian's adoptive mother? Feelings about Hill's sad reveal? Theories about the return of Mr. Beacon House? And, this is not a question: Holder was on fire tonight -- during the Valentine's Day "threesome" with Linden and Caroline, especially (who knew he was a fishing show fan?). He and Bullet need to go on a road trip together, and it needs to be filmed. They can call the subsequent miniseries Killing It.

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