The Killing recap: Close Calls

A bloody girl leads the detectives back where they started, Bullet aids the investigation, and Ms. Leeds grows a conscience, though Seward remains mostly conscience- and forgiveness-free
Ep. 04 | Aired Jun 23, 2013

A PHONE TO PICK After Ms. Leeds apathetically insists Kallie is just a phone call away, Linden finally gives it to Seattle's Worst Mom

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While Linden and Holder waited for word from Skinner's crew, they began driving the streets around the park. Even if the girl had gotten that far, Linden noted, the streets would have been completely empty, making her a sitting duck. Holder tried to make small talk about how well Jack was doing in Chicago (apparently they're phone buddies), but Linden shut him up by making a dramatic, passive-aggressive turn onto a different street.

Back at the prison, Becker gave his team the rundown on Seward's execution: It would be two weeks from that day, and he'd need six more men to make sure it went off "without a hitch." One of his underlings snarked, "Don't you mean with a hitch." With some stern words from Becker and a damning/blessing that these guards were "all a bunch of damn psychos," the meeting ended.

Linden and Holder's search led them to an alley where a bunch of kids saw their car and scattered. The kids had been looking at a severed finger (sound familiar?). When Linden looked over a wall just beyond that, well what do you know? Beacon House. They spoke once more to the tatted-up housemaster, who proved as unfriendly as ever, railing against the broken system. Linden appealed to his concern for the kids, telling him that the killer was "picking them off," and he softened. At least partially. He pointed them in the direction of the three 24-hour clinics left in the city, tersely noting that there used to be nine. As the partners headed out, Bullet jumped in the back of their cruiser to take them where she believed they'd find Kallie. She didn't want to simply give the cops the directions, she sassed, because they "need supervision. It's obvious."

Once they arrived at a nearby underpass, Bullet spotted Tank and wanted to bolt. Holder casually headed to the trunk to quick-change into his undercover clothes (we've missed you grey hoodie!), and it seemed like a little smile crept across Linden's face as he strutted down to talk to Tank and his gang of misogynist hooligans. Linden's expression turned into a grimace, though, as she fearfully watched Holder try to overcome the group's suspicious, potentially violent hostility. But homeboy still had his old tricks. He managed to ease the thugs' wariness by charming their rabid pit bull. One of the loopier hooligans named Jebediah claimed he'd heard La Llorona crying all night across the river. Holder lighted on the notion of a girl crying and went to the river bank.

While this was going down, Bullet and Linden communed in a relieved cigarette break as Bullet admitted "Bugs" was all right. The proudly showed Linden a self-drawn tattoo on her wrist -- a pair of wings connected by the word "FAITH" -- as she told Linden it was there to remind her that no one has faith in her but herself. She offered Linden her own tat, saying she'd draw her the North Star because it's what you use to find your way home. Holder returned and told Linden he thought he'd spotted something. They drove across the bridge and told Bullet to wait as they examined some concrete cylinders. Of course she didn't. So she saw that one of the pipes' insides was covered in blood... but no Kallie.

After the CSI arrived to collect evidence, Linden speculated to Holder that the victim must have been dragged out of the pipe to leave all that blood. Bullet charged over, itching to move on to the next lead, but Holder told her they might be coming to the end of this particular road. He started suggesting that she should make peace with the possibility of Kallie's death, but Bullet silenced him with a sucker punch and yelled, "You're a quittin'-ass punk!" With Bullet running off into teh night, Linden advised Holder to rest for the night since they'd been going for nearly 72 hours straight.

Elsewhere, Kallie's mom's conscience was clearly getting the best of her (if such a thing exists). She left fruitless messages for her daughter while chugging beer as she drove around The Jungle. Along the way, she spotted a graffiti sign that read "RIP 17."

Back in the joint, Dale was smiling to Seward that his "intended" was coming to meet him for the first time. Seward smirked back, "Prison bitch. Classy." When Dale questioned Seward's cynicism and cited the fact that he'd been married, Seward cold-heartedly assessed Trisha as a hell-raiser and a whore. Dale asked disarmingly, "Did you love her?" Seward didn't answer, only said curtly, "Enjoy the ride while it lasts with your sweet intended. It'll be over soon."

And so was that conversation: Becker arrived with news that Seward had a guest, too. Tess Clark, Adrian's foster mother, introduced herself to Seward and tried to butter him up with updates and compliments about the boy. Seward told her to get to the point, so she produced adoption papers she hoped he'd sign. He pointed out that she'd have the boy regardless after his execution in two weeks, so why was she really here? She claimed Adrian wanted to see him, that he'd forgiven his father. Seward just laughed viciously, calling the guard to escort him away as the woman pounded on the glass and begged him to reconsider.

NEXT: The phone call's coming from inside the house!

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