The Good Wife recap: Would the real Mr. Bitcoin please stand up?

Alicia & Co. try to find the computer programmer responsible for creating an illegal online currency
Ep. 13 | Aired Jan 15, 2012

HUSH MONEY Jason Biggs guests as a lawyer who won't reveal the name of a client who created an online currency 

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Meanwhile, Will was still trying to avoid his own potential jail time. And if I didn't make it clear last week, I will restate my love for Carrie Preston's Elsbeth Tascioni. She set up a meeting with Will, Wendy Scott-Carr, Cary, and Dana. Wendy laid it on the line: If Will supplied her with truthful information about his knowledge of judicial criminal conduct, she'd close the investigation on him and there'd be no grand jury. Of course, Will didn't know anything, and they managed to secure the names of the three judges who supposedly took part in this criminal conduct. (Winter, Dunaway, and Parks. Save those names for later. I'm sure they will become important as the season goes on.) The moral of the story? Wendy Scott-Carr got played. Elsbeth "Oh, look! There's my earring!" Tascioni: 1, Wendy Scott-Carr: 0.

Not too thrilled with the way their meeting went, Wendy asked Dana to stop cultivating her relationship with Kalinda and start planting. Uh-oh. That can't be good. And it wasn't. Dana pressured Kalinda with a possible forged document. You know, the same document from last week's Huntley divorce. If Kalinda didn't give Dana what she wanted on Will, they'd go after Alicia instead.

In the process of looking for vulnerabilities in Will's case, they found some stuff that would definitely make Mr. Gardner look bad. Specifically, the McDermott files contained some presumably damning information. At this point, we don't know what that information is. Will told Kalinda to get rid of it, so she went straight to the enemy. Dana now has the McDermott files. I commend Kalinda for wanting to protect Alicia, but it's unlike her to give up something so easily. So I have to wonder if she really turned over all the McDermott files or just some of them. Either way, she tipped off the enemy as to what case Will is most vulnerable on. But  I'd like to think that she has a greater plan. She's s smart lady.

Also of note, Zach was back in the picture with his girlfriend Nisa, whom I'd pretty much forgotten about. After they shared "I love you's" Alicia, got worried that they were moving too quickly. Jackie was also back and shared a similar sentiment. That actually worked in Zach's favor. Alicia never wants to be on the same page as her (ex?) mother-in-law, so she changed her tune and encouraged Zach and Nisa's relationship.

And now just for fun, let's relive this great exchange from Will and Diane:
Diane: Remember, you have the right to remain silent.
Will: Will you visit me in prison?
Diane: Every Friday.

What did you think of "Bitcoin for Dummies?" Did you think that possibly forged document from the Huntley case would return so quickly? Did Kalinda really turn over damning evidence to the enemy to protect Alicia? And what is going to happen with Will? He claims to be innocent, but things certainly aren't looking to good for him. And do you, like me, wish you had some bitcoin for every episode of The Good Wife you enjoyed? Sound off the in the comments below.

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