The Good Wife season premiere recap: Everything Is Beginning

Lockhart/Gardner tries to halt a convict's execution, and Alicia and Cary continue their plans to start their own firm
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 29, 2013

FIRST GALACTIC PRINCESS Now that Peter won the gubernatorial race, Alicia says "First Galactic Princess" is a more apt title than First Lady. She means it as a dig, but if it's good enough for the Good Wife, it's good enough for all of us. 

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Meanwhile, ASA Pine admitted that the cellmate who snitched on Fornum didn't actually die. He ratted out a top drug dealer in exchange for his freedom and new identity. Robyn and Kalinda easily located Tommy, but he stuck to his original story. But his lies were no match for Robyn, who followed a lead about prison brokers, or police insiders who sell information to prisoners. The prisoners can then use the information to tattle on their cellmates for a lighter sentence. With Geneva Pine's help, Robyn and Diane located the typist likely responsible for leaking information.

They tried to get Tommy and the typist to turn against each other, but eventually Tommy withdrew his original testimony. Unfortunately, it was too little too late. Judge Kluger found in favor of the state, and ruled that the execution of Eddie Fornum would proceed as planned. But Will Gardner is good at his job. After Warden Barkin's deposition, Will called in a tip to the DEA to alert them that Barkin had been transporting toxic chemicals through the U.S. postal service. And so the execution was placed on hold again. And since there wouldn't be a third execution attempt, the (likely) innocent Eddie Fornum was finally saved. But they were really down to the wire, and next week I'd appreciate it if the Good Wife writers did not try to induce a panic attack.

With Alicia racing against the clock on the execution case, that left little time for her to deal with her new First Lady duties. Eli needed her to meet with the head of the ethics committee to discuss the family's gubernatorial role. Eli had to delay the meeting, and was surprised when he encountered Marilyn (Melissa George), and not Mitch. (They are one in the same. Mitch is just a confusing nickname.) Immediately, Eli worried about the "optics" of Peter working so closely with a sexy woman. Sure, nothing was going on between the two of them -- for now. But when it comes to trusting Peter, Eli knew to assume the worst. Sorry, Peter. But you and Little Peter cannot be trusted. Peter eventually agreed to promote Marilyn, but I doubt we've seen the last of her. She was clearly confused, and none too pleased about her promotion, which wasn't really a promotion.

NEXT: Grace gets hot, and Will and Alicia are not....

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