The Good Wife season premiere recap: Everything Is Beginning

Lockhart/Gardner tries to halt a convict's execution, and Alicia and Cary continue their plans to start their own firm
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 29, 2013

FIRST GALACTIC PRINCESS Now that Peter won the gubernatorial race, Alicia says "First Galactic Princess" is a more apt title than First Lady. She means it as a dig, but if it's good enough for the Good Wife, it's good enough for all of us. 

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The case of the week (based on the real-life case of Romell Broom) focused on the firm's efforts to prevent a convicted murderer's execution. Eddie Fornum (played by Malik Yoba, a.k.a. Yul Brenner from Cool Runnings) was convicted for the 1999 murder of two girls, and was sentenced to death. Diane and Alicia were on hand to witness the lethal injection, but it wasn't going according to plan. The medical team was having trouble finding a vein, and Fornum was clearly in pain. Diane stepped in to halt the execution, citing a violation of the Eighth Amendment. (Did anyone else have trouble stomaching the fictional execution? Just me? Okay, moving on.) They were able to delay Fornum's execution for another 48 hours, which gave the Lockhart/Gardner team just two days to halt the execution altogether.

Fornum had an alibi, but he was in the possession of one of the girl's necklaces (which he claimed to have purchased at a flea market), and his hair was found on the body. The law team doubted whether or not it was really his hair, but that became moot when Fornum's cellmate, Tommy, testified that Fornum had confessed to the crime while in prison. There was no time to get a subpoena on the hair and re-test it, but Kalinda discovered it had already been re-tested in Chicago by Geneva Pine, who had at one point believed in Fornum's innocence.

While Diane and Robyn worked the case from that angle, Will had Cary call in a favor with his dad. Enter Barry Scheck ,who happened to be in Federal Court on an Eighth Amendment class action suit. Instead of joining the appeal, they hoped to use Eddie Fornum as evidence. Or at least, use his testimony of how painful his attempted execution was. It was clearly a delaying tactic, but a clever one. Judge Kluger (guest star Jeffrey Tambor) was intrigued, and just like that, they'd bought themselves another 48 hours. Then, with the testimony of the nurse present at the execution, they bought even more time, insisting that Fornum needed a physical to determine whether or not he had "rolling veins."

NEXT: Eli and Peter take on an ethics crisis....

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