The Good Wife season finale recap: What Now?

In the season 5 finale, the futures of Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos hang in the balance. But don't worry. No one died!
Ep. 22 | Aired May 18, 2014

THE NEW WILL AND DIANE? Cary and Alicia don't see eye-to-eye on everything in the season 5 ender

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Back at Lockhart/Gardner, Diane was presented with another Louis Canning scheme. Canning realized he'd lost the battle for Howard's partnership vote, but he hadn't yet lost the war. Canning decided to go nuclear: He gave Diane a notice of dissolution. As partner, he has the unilateral right to dissolve the firm with cause. (His cause? Will had made expenditures without a full vote of the partners.) Well, that's one way to get what you want! If Canning wasn't made managing partner, he made it clear he would dissolve the firm. Ugh. I hate that guy!

So Diane decided to make her own nuclear choice. She went to Florrick/Agos, where everyone assumed she would make a merger plea. Instead, she shocked everyone by asking Florrick/Agos to take her and her $38 million a year in client billing in. Robyn summed up my reaction the best: "Holy crap!"

The episode ended with Alicia talking to Eli about their weird year. And then you could see the wheels turning in Eli's head:

Eli: "Alicia? Would you want to run for state’s attorney?"
Alicia: "What?"

Fade to black.

The best lines and moments from "A Weird Year":

++ The mustache and eye patch on Peter's portrait in the governor's office

++ Alicia: "Hey, guys! I’m trying to have a meeting here."
Eli: "Maybe next time get some doors on your conference room."

++ "You know, it’s odd that he wrote her as 'Lady Macbeth.' I think 'Mother Macbeth' would have made more sense." --Peter, to Eli about Jackie

++ Peter: "Well, who's our replacement going to be?"
Eli: "For Jackie? I don’t know. I could make up a list."

++ Howard confusing a takeout menu for the deposition transcript, and David Lee's great annoyance

++ Jackie: "I see where Alicia’s drinking comes from."
Veronica: "And Peter’s rudeness."

++ Grace's confusion upon seeing Veronica and Jackie in the kitchen together

++ Alicia: "Cary, you do it. She liked you. Work your magic."
Cary: "God. I am the new Will."

++ "This needs to stop. Seriously. I would go there myself with a hatchet, but I'm in the middle of something here." --Alicia, to Peter about Jackie and Veronica hanging out together.

++ "I don’t know. The world is so confusing right now. I just might quit and go live in New Zealand." --Diane

++ Diane: "You want some whiskey?"
Louis Canning: "Sure. My meds are just kicking in. This could be interesting."

++ "Why is everything so difficult?" --Eli

So what did you think of "A Weird Year" and The Good Wife's fifth season? Do you think Finn and Alicia will become an item? Will Cary and Alicia settle their differences? Will Alicia seriously consider a state's attorney run? And if so, how would her relationship with Peter change? Will Florrick/Agos take Diane on as a new partner? And what happens to Lockhart/Gardner if she leaves the firm she helped create?

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