The Good Wife season finale recap: What Now?

In the season 5 finale, the futures of Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos hang in the balance. But don't worry. No one died!
Ep. 22 | Aired May 18, 2014

THE NEW WILL AND DIANE? Cary and Alicia don't see eye-to-eye on everything in the season 5 ender

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Alicia had another deposition scheduled, and Carey and Robyn convinced her that it should take place at Lockhart/Gardner so they could keep up the spying. "It's not slimy. It's self-defense," Carey argued. They thought Alicia could bring up potential missing evidence from the discovery to bait them into talking about their plan.

So off to Lockhart/Gardner she went to be deposed by...Howard Lyman? Yup. Howard was running the show. (More on this later, but Diane awarded Howard this questioning to help win his vote in an upcoming partner meeting.) I was actually on The Good Wife's set in April, while they were filming this scene. Howard was just as funny in real life as he was in the episode. In fact, Christine Baranski kept laughing every time Alicia and Howard had this exchange:

Alicia: "You want me to keep reading?"
Howard: "I demand that you keep reading."

You'll notice the camera didn't cut to Diane's face -- and there's your behind-the-scenes reason why.

The deposition ended, and as planned, Alicia asked them about leaving documents out of the discovery. Thankfully, she kept this conversation in the conference room. (Louis Canning just assumed she didn't want to be in Will's old office.) The group at Lockhart/Gardner really did seem confused when Alicia brought up missing documents. But  then Cary noticed a familiar face in the background: Deena Lampard. Deena is Mrs. ChumHum. If LG has her on their side, they could potentially steal away Florrick/Agos' biggest client. And that would most definitely destroy their firm. So David Lee and Louis Canning never intended to take down Florrick/Agos with the adoption suit. It was about stealing ChumHum all along. And whatever David Lee and Louis Canning told Lampard to get her on their side is most definitely a lie. Oh, the tangled webs we weave!

When they weren't focused on the adoption suit, the leaders at Lockhart/Gardner were having a power struggle over the future of the firm. Canning and Lee were trying to edge Diane out of her managerial partner role. And interestingly enough, the only undecided vote was Howard Lyman. (I love how awful Howard Lyman is.) Canning and Lee were busy trying to get Lyman to come to the dark side, and Diane knew she'd have to fight back.

So she asked Howard what she could offer to sway his vote. As it turns out, that man wants very little. In his 55 years of practicing law, he'd never cross-examined anyone. So Diane guaranteed him a shot later that day, convincing Howard that David Lee and Louis Canning wouldn't actually deliver on that promise. That's why Howard led the deposition's questioning.

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