The Good Wife recap: Whack-a-Mole

Alicia and Will face off in court, Lockhart/Gardner hires a new lawyer (guest star Jason O'Mara), and Jackie Florrick shows she's boss 
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 24, 2013

THE NEW WILL AND DIANE Alicia and Cary battle Will and Damian in a defamation case.

John Paul Filo/CBS

The threads on Scabbit were getting out of hand, and the users were accusing Zayeed of the bombing in droves. Some of the photos looked like him, but most of them didn't. So Florrick/Agos decided to sue for an injunction against Scabbit to cut off the FBI's supply of crowd-sourced investigative work. But Scabbit ignored their subpoenas, and failed to appear in court.

Meanwhile, Will's new hard-to-please attitude got in the way of the LG hiring process. He shot down all of the choices their head hunter, Beth (Leslie Silva), presented them with. Will finally agreed to consider one name, only after Beth hesitated to pass his information along. She felt he wouldn't be the right fit. But Will's looking to shake things up.

So off Will went to convince Damian Boyle (guest star Jason O'Mara) to join the ranks of LG. Naturally, the two chatted over a beer at a pub. Damian gave Will insight into his past dealings: "There are friends I have that I defend no matter what." But Will said as long as those friends had money, he didn't care. We all know Will's compass doesn't exactly point due north. Welcome to LG, Damian!

The rest of the LG team wasn't too happy about Will's impromptu hiring. Will stuck by his decision, while everyone else argued about their new "Mob lawyer." Meanwhile, Damian settled in by hitting on one of the female employees. With David Lee leading the charge, he and Diane decided to get the votes they needed to remove Damian from his newfound partnership at LG.

Perhaps sensing he wasn't loved by all at the new firm, Damian showed off his unpredictable nature by taking a group of LG employees out on a little "legal field trip." They went to Florrick/Agos and told the secretary they were a part of the rental company there to swap out the furniture. But really, they just wiped the office clean of everything. Probably not the most mature course of action, but definitely an effective one. Before leaving, Damian took Alicia's #1 Mom pin from her desk and noticed her notes on Scabbit.

NEXT: Florrick/Agos unexpectedly take on LG in court....

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