The Good Wife recap: Documented Trouble

America Ferrera's Natalie Flores returns and Florrick/Agos represents an undocumented immigrant facing deportation
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 17, 2013

THE GOLD STANDARD Eli and Marilyn continue to butt heads, this time over Eli's relationship with Natalie Flores.

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Meanwhile, Will's take-no-prisoners attitude had definitely paid off in some respects. He informed the partners that they'd be opening offices in New York three months from now. And while ushering in a new era for the firm, he decided new branding was necessary. Goodbye, Lockhart/Gardner! Hello, LG! (Nobody tell Will that LG is already taken.) Anyway, Will's power trip meant the return of his blonde lady friend, Isabel. And despite the many, um, distractions she lobbed Will's way, he stayed focused on trying to woo Natalie's business away from Florrick/Agos. He also saw the benefit of having Joe Pallotta in his corner.

Other important notes about Isabel: She seemed to be off the baby kick, which is good, I guess. But there was still a little trouble in paradise after David Lee brought up Alicia to her. She questioned Will about Alicia, assuming that she might just be his rebound. Will's response? "He doesn't like you in my office. He wants to poison the stream." I'm with David Lee on this one. Stop all the office PDA and get a room already.

Even though the case was resolved by Florrick/Agos, Natalie saw Alicia and Cary struggling and eventually agreed to meet with Will. Howard apologized to her, in his own awkward Howard way. And Will was able to meet Joe Pallotta. So even with a Florrick/Agos win, it was left unclear as to which firm would ultimately reap the benefits from a partnership with Pallotta. I would assume Florrick/Agos, but Will has made it clear he will go to any lengths to take down the competition.

Over in Peter's world, Eli and Marilyn went to see Alicia to discuss with her the optics of Peter coming to visit her new offices. They wanted Peter to hold off until the firm was more established. Alicia didn't take to that too well and told them she wouldn't agree to any rules about her husband coming to see her. And likewise, Peter ignored their requests. But really, the Alicia/Eli/Marilyn meeting just served as an outlet for Eli to learn of Natalie's return. (And to hammer home Marilyn's pregnancy and point out that only pumpkin PopTarts quell her nausea.) It was priceless to see Eli stammer and fluster over Natalie's unexpected presence. Eli (and his flopping hair) ran out of the building after Natalie, and the two agreed to have dinner together.

Their dinner was cut short by news of Tomas' pending deportation, but before she left, Natalie got in some good one-on-one time with Eli. We learned she and her boyfriend had broken up, and that she had plans to see Peter speak at the Minority Voters' Conference. Unfortunately, Eli had cancelled that appearance to avoid taking a side on the controversial topic of redistricting.

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