The Good Wife recap: Documented Trouble

America Ferrera's Natalie Flores returns and Florrick/Agos represents an undocumented immigrant facing deportation
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 17, 2013

THE GOLD STANDARD Eli and Marilyn continue to butt heads, this time over Eli's relationship with Natalie Flores.

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So back to the case: Alicia negotiated Tomas' visa so that it included 24-hour protection for him and his family. But all of this became moot. (Or moo if you're a Friends fan.) Before Tomas could testify, Lalo Hierra skipped bail and went back to Mexico. Unfortunately, since he didn't come through with his end of the deal -- albeit through no fault of his own -- Tomas was loaded up on a bus and sent back to Mexico. Now, the immediate concern was for Tomas' safety. They knew Hierra would kill him as soon as he was back on Mexican soil, so Alicia and her team raced against the clock and AUSA Karl Dolan (Jeremy Shamos) to stop the deportation.

The main issue was that their client, Tomas Y. Ruiz, was being confused with another immigrant and known con man, Tomas I. Ruiz. The mixup in their identities caused the deportation to be expedited. With a reignited fire to not lose her job, Robyn set out to find the con man Tomas before their client crossed the border. And while she found him in record time, courtesy of some Kalinda-esque investigative work, Alicia and Cary were still given the run-around in court.

First they argued that the U.S. Attorney's office was in breach of the agreement they made with Tomas. They, of course, argued that since he didn't testify, he didn't keep up his end of the deal. Once they located Tomas I. Ruiz, they thought they'd caught a break, only to learn that they'd have to take their case to the Board of Immigration Appeals. There, they reached another dead end. Protecting Tomas from Hierra in Mexico would be an asylum claim, and that had to be seen by an immigration judge. Sigh.

They argued in front of a Bob Dylan-quoting immigration judge (James LeGros) that as a "snitch" Tomas could be persecuted in Mexico. But since he never actually testified, this argument didn't have any legs. So their next course of action was to argue that a blood feud existed. Unfortunately, there was no evidence to support that. But who needs evidence when you've got a gung-ho investigator?! Marilyn, shield your eyes because Robyn just made some highly unethical choices. She dropped a shell casing with the initials of L.C. (Hierra's calling card El Culebra, the snake) through the mail slot at Tomas' home. If there's not a blood feud, just create one!

But it was par for the course on this one, because the immigration judge determined that a blood feud claim wasn't relevant to asylum. It was relevant to a T visa,  since Tomas' family had suffered witness intimidation. But the judge couldn't consider a visa application. So with less than two hours on the clock, Alicia and Cary were sent to an immigration case worker who, as it turned out, couldn't help them. It seemed like Tomas' death sentence was signed. But then Robyn came through with an unexpected delivery: She visited the Mexican consulate and used the name mixup to her advantage. She told the consulate worker that the United States was sending an infamous con man back to Mexico to avoid dealing with him. And her plan worked. Tomas was turned away at the border! Robyn saved a man's life -- and quite possibly her job -- with that one meeting.

NEXT: Will can't keep his hands off Isabel, and Eli learns of Natalie's return.... 

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