The Good Wife recap: It's All About the Benjamins

Florrick/Agos deals with new-firm financial woes, Alicia finds herself in the middle of a costly suit, and Will tries to help one of Alicia's old clients
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 10, 2013

FINANCIAL AIDE Nathan Lane's Clarke Hayden returned to help Florrick/Agos with their money problems.

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After his chat with Will, Owen went to confront Alicia about her job change. He's the first one to call her out on the real reason she left the firm: She was afraid of leaving her marriage for Will. She wouldn't admit anything, but Owen's obviously right. It was always personal. So Owen took it upon himself to go to Will and tell him the truth:
Owen: "She and Peter, they’re not set in stone."
Will: "No. It’s over. Goodbye."
I know Will's hurt right now. And, honestly, probably shocked by this revelation. But we all know it's far from over.

In this episode's spinoff story line, "Zach and Grace Fight Cyber Crime," Zach and Grace did just that. The elder Florrick child walked past Alicia's computer and noticed the webcam was on. Upon closer inspection, the camera shut off. Zach told Alicia that someone had been using her webcam to spy on her, and Florrick/Agos assumed it was David Lee fishing for information. So to retaliate, they made sure they fed false information anytime the webcam was on.

Alicia eventually called David Lee out on it, and threatened to sue. But surprisingly, David Lee wasn't responsible for the spying. It was actually Drew Stiles (Josh Green), one of Zach and Grace's classmates. He'd been hacking their webcams to post inappropriate pictures and videos of Grace. So Zach went full-on big brother mode and punched Stiles at school. Stiles got in a good hit, but it was Zach who won that fight. Alicia never learned the full story behind the hacking, but let's hope she doesn't for Stiles' sake. A fist fight will be the least of his worries if Alicia learns the truth.

Memorable lines and moments from "The Next Week":

++ “Yes, after I cleaned the carpets of brimstone.” —David Lee, on moving into Alicia's old Lockhart/Gardner office

++ Cary: "Keep in mind, we’re a new venture."
Clarke: "A new venture without offices, without paralegals, and with a high school girl answering the door."

++ "I don’t do drugs. I don’t sell them." —Included because it was said by Jeffery a.k.a. former Weeds actor Hunter Parrish

++ "Can we get started, or did you both want to play cards?" —David Lee to Alicia and Carter

++ "Oh, this is very entertaining watching you flail." —Owen, to Alicia after her series of "ums" and "whats"

++ Owen: "I’m just reading your body language here, and you’re in, like, Warrior Princess mode."
Alicia: "Well, I’m kicking butt."

++ David Lee calling Clarke Hayden 'Judas'

++ Alicia and Will's staring contest at Lockhart/Gardner. (She won since he walked about without saying anything.)

So now it's your turn. Are you glad Clarke Hayden is back? Do you think it's smart for Florrick/Agos to take his help? (I vote yes.) Do you think Owen should have told Will about Alicia? I know his intentions were good, but he's really overstepping his bounds. Do you think Will will confront Alicia about Owen's revelation? There hasn't been enough Kalinda or Eli Gold this season. What do you hope they do with their characters? And do you think Hunter Parrish's Jeffery is guilty of murder? Sound off with all your thoughts about "The Next Week" in the comments below.

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