The Good Wife recap: It's All About the Benjamins

Florrick/Agos deals with new-firm financial woes, Alicia finds herself in the middle of a costly suit, and Will tries to help one of Alicia's old clients
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 10, 2013

FINANCIAL AIDE Nathan Lane's Clarke Hayden returned to help Florrick/Agos with their money problems.

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Jeffery's father had been arrested two months earlier for assault, and because of that they had a familial match to the DNA found under Littlejohn's fingernails. The killer had to be Jeffery or one of his male relatives. Judge Politi gave Pine the standard 48 hours after arrest to charge, but told her she'd have to wait to test Jeffery's DNA.

Will, Diane, and Kalinda tried to get more information from Jeffery and find out if there was any way he was connected with Dani. He claimed to have zero involvement. And I almost believed him until Kalinda said, "He did it." Her instincts are usually right.

Will went to investigate at the college, and tried to chat with the teacher who'd earlier been accused -- and then cleared -- of the murder. While he was there, he ran into Owen! The two chatted over frozen yogurt and discussed the on-campus rumors circling the case. But Owen shifted focus and tried to prod Will into sharing details about Alicia. Will was the one who told him she'd left the firm to start her own. Meanwhile, Kalinda went to talk to Jeffery's uncle Jim, the only other male relative who had been around during the time of the murder. And Jim was a host of information unknown to Jeffery: Uncle Jim used to be a woman, so the DNA couldn't possibly have been his. And Jeffery has a half-brother.

Kalinda located the half-brother, Anderson, and as soon as she questioned him about the date of the murder, he bolted. But not before leaving a piece of already-chewed gum behind. Kalinda collected the gum for a DNA sample. Meanwhile, Geneva Pine was running out of time to charge Jeffery, so she tried to broker a plea bargain deal. It was seemingly good news since it likely meant the prosecution couldn't make a case.

Geneva Pine offered Jeffery involuntary manslaughter and two years in prison. Jeffery was insistent that he'd never met Dani and that there was no way his DNA could have been under her fingernails. So Will advised him to reject the plea bargain. Which was all too unfortunate. Because Geneva Pine then charged Jeffery with murder and expedited his DNA. It was a 100 percent match to the DNA found on the body. Well, that's not good. Jeffery again insisted he was telling the truth, but the DNA begs to differ. That's how the case ended in the episode, but I imagine they'll come back to this one.

NEXT: Owen has a heart-to-heart with Will....

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