The Good Wife recap: It's All About the Benjamins

Florrick/Agos deals with new-firm financial woes, Alicia finds herself in the middle of a costly suit, and Will tries to help one of Alicia's old clients
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 10, 2013

FINANCIAL AIDE Nathan Lane's Clarke Hayden returned to help Florrick/Agos with their money problems.

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Realizing their mistake, Lockhart/Gardner had to employ a different tactic to get out of the suit. Alicia was promoted to partner in the middle of the adoption proceedings, which gave her supervisory authority. It didn't matter that she didn't know about the bribe. Her authority on the case would make her personally liable for the entire $6 million. Hayden, who had been the trustee at the time of the case, agreed to testify because he knew it would get Alicia off the hook. His testimony shifted the blame back to David Lee, who was the actual partner overseeing the case.

But who actually wrote the check? Anthony Wright Edelman, of course. He was the one who leaked the Howard Lyman video a few weeks ago. Clearly his moral compass does not point due north. But at least Anthony had some help with the bribe. He consulted with Lyman before writing the check, which would once again shift the blame. But remember Edelman's moral compass? He can't be trusted. During his deposition he admitted to sending the check. But he said that Alicia was the supervising partner that okayed the bribe. (Surely I wasn't the only one screaming at my TV at this point.) We already know he's a shady character, but why lie? Because Lockhart/Gardner offered him partnership. Will was right. Nothing will stop him from taking Lockhart/Gardner to the top.

Anthony's betrayal cost the firm some of its already-limited manpower, adding to Florrick/Agos' financial strain. And presumably he'll share inside information with Lockhart/Gardner -- another big hit to the budding firm. Fortunately, it looks like Clarke Hayden is here to stay. He offered to stick around and give his financial and law services to Florrick/Agos for free. That is, he will work for free until the firm becomes profitable. Only then will he take his salary retroactively. So at least one thing is working in Florrick/Agos' favor right now.

The case of the week was handled by Lockhart/Gardner. More specifically, Will took control when a client called and asked for Alicia. Jeffery Grant (Hunter Parrish) was pulled over, presumably for speeding. But when the officer accused him of drinking, things took a turn for the weird. Jeffery agreed to take a Breathalyzer test, but the officer didn't have one on him. Jeffery would have to go to the police station.

But things just got more bizarre once Will arrived at the police station to check things out. Jeffery had been there an hour, and he'd yet to be given a Breathalyzer test—but they had swabbed his cheek for DNA. Further complicating things, Geneva Pine was there, and had been with the officer during the arrest. Will's attempts to get Jeffery released and his DNA sample thrown out (DNA would be irrelevant to a DUI) landed them in a courtroom with Judge Politi (Vincent Curatola). There, Pine dismissed the DUI charge, but re-arrested Jeffery for the murder of a college student, Dani Littlejohn.

NEXT: Will fights Jeffery's murder charge....

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