The Good Wife recap: The Aftershock

In the day after Alicia's ouster, Florrick/Agos battles Lockhart/Gardner to get client files for a case they've taken over
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 3, 2013

A DONE DEAL Diane's shot at becoming a Supreme Court judge ended before it began. 

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Throughout all the drama of her supposed last case as a judge, Diane learned that Peter was vetting other potential Supreme Court nominees. She asked Kalinda to investigate for her, and Kalinda confirmed her suspicions: Peter was vetting three other people. It was a hard pill to swallow, even though she'd assumed as much. Diane went straight to the bathroom and cried. It was awful. I never want to see Diane cry again. It hurt too much. By the episode's end, Diane heard it straight from the horse's mouth. A phone call with Peter solidified that Diane's hopes for becoming a judge were officially over.

I mentioned Will's blondie earlier. She has a name, Isabel (Hannah Leigh Sorenson); I'm just refusing to acknowledge her right now. Sure, Will and Alicia may not be good for each other, but Isabel? I mean, I get her appeal. She does naked yoga in his apartment in addition to their other sexcapades. But she also jokes (?) about wanting Will to give her a baby. So maybe Will should just slow his roll on this one and take a step back. Or he's going to regret more than just a new tattoo.

With Diane's headed back to the Lockhart/Gardner fold, Will let her in on his plan to take the firm to the top. "And it won’t be polite anymore. Anyone in our way, we kick their ass, fire them, or buy them out. Can you handle that?" And they didn't waste any time. The debate about the office space Florrick/Agos was considering became moot. They tax attorneys had been bought out... by Will. Oh snap!! The firm wars have only just begun.

Memorable Moments and Lines from "The Day After":

++ "Squash it!"

++ Diane: "Don’t let her get into your head."
Will: "No. That's where I want her."

++ Marilyn's morning sickness, particularly when she was talking to Cary and trying not to throw up into one of Alicia's pots

++ Will: "It’s an odd psychology, isn’t it? He can hurt his wife all he wants, but anyone else try, and he goes tribal."
Diane: "Bill and Hillary on steroids."

What did you think of "The Day After"? Who else thinks Will is responsible for the anonymous tip into Marilyn's office? Is anyone else so over the awkward Grace story line? It's creepy to see her talking to all the older guys, even though nothing is happening right now. Where are they going with this? Hopefully it comes to an end sooner rather than later. I realize neither Florrick kid has much to do, but that's never been what this show is about. Also, was that scene with Grace at Kurt McVeigh's and her insistence on wanting to shoot a gun foreshadowing? I hope not. Okay, it's your turn. Sound off with all your thoughts about the episode in the comments. (Also, if you haven't read it yet, check out Mandi Bierly's chat with the show's composer about the music in last week's episode.)

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