The Good Wife recap: The Aftershock

In the day after Alicia's ouster, Florrick/Agos battles Lockhart/Gardner to get client files for a case they've taken over
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 3, 2013

A DONE DEAL Diane's shot at becoming a Supreme Court judge ended before it began. 

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Meanwhile, the most promising avenue for office space was with Wallis & Frey, a tax firm that wanted to join Florrick/Agos. The deal would split their office space, lease, and clients. And while it was a quick fix to the problem, it would thrust the new firm back into the kind of corporate situation they'd just gotten out of. No one said stating a new firm would be easy.

Anyway, the case of the week was Diane's gun control suit, and presumably her last one as a lawyer since she's got one foot out the door on her way to a judgeship. Heather (Maria Dizzia) was the client at the forefront of the trial, and she was unsurprisingly confused when she learned that Alicia was no longer with Lockhart/Gardner. Alicia assured her that she was in good hands with Diane. But tell that to Nancy Crozier.

Yup. Nancy Crozier (Mamie Gummer) was back in the courtroom to battle it out with Diane in front of Judge Davies (Richard King). A gun was fired during an alleged robbery at a car wash, and Heather's husband was killed. But it was his gun that went off. Nancy was representing the interests of the gun manufacturer. But before the proceedings could even get off the ground, Judge Davies alerted both sides that Heather had asked for a change in representation. This became a point of contention as Diane argued to stay on the case. And then it became a point of hilarity as the judge repeatedly asked them to "squash" all the negativity. That's right, guys. Squash it! Heather ultimately chose Florrick/Agos.

Diane returned to Lockhart/Gardner and informed Will of the recent development. And he made it clear that they would do all they could to get the case back. His first plan of action to hurt Florrick/Agos was to hang on to all of Heather's client files. Hell hath no fury like Will Gardner scorned. Lockhart/Gardner sent over the "files," but it was really just boxes of junk and fake rats.

Will continued his power trip and informed the other equity partners of his plans to branch out of Chicago and into L.A. and New York. And then blondie showed up at his office, perhaps looking to become Will's sex-in-the-office partner No. 2. (Remember, Alicia was in the bathroom, not his office!) But Alicia's got a sense of humor and can play in the big leagues with Will. Instead of a subpoena for the client files, Alicia alerted the disciplinary board...the same one that suspended Will.

NEXT: Lockhart/Gardner wins the first battle....

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