The Good Wife recap: This Changes Everything!

Alicia and Cary's plans to leave Lockhart/Gardner are finally exposed, and the battle for top clients begins 
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 27, 2013

GET OUT Will finally learns of Alicia's plans to leaves the firm and doesn't take the news too well

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Perhaps inspired by her own "we're coming for you" speech, Alicia decided to give Lockhart/Gardner a taste of their own medicine. Judge Winter, one of the judges who was burned in Will's bribery scandal, was on the schedule. So they got him to issue a similar restraining order against Will. It made it impossible for either side to get in to see the folks at Chumhum to garner Neil Gross' support.

Realizing they'd been backed into a corner, Diane went to see Alicia to organize a truce. Both sides would drop the restraining orders. Each team would then get an hour with Neil Gross. They would both pitch their firms, and let the best one win. They agreed to these terms, but Alicia and Cary were met with some unfortunate news when they went in for their Chumhum meeting: Neil Gross had already made a decision. He'd be staying with Lockhart/Gardner because of Alicia's connection to Peter and his governorship. Peter had promised to run the most ethical administration in Illinois history, and Gross was worried about the implications for his company. "Politics leads. The law follows." And just like that, Florrick/Agos was down the drain.

Will and Kalinda had a heart to heart late in the episode. He told her he'd offered Alicia Diane's job, and Kalinda admitted that she knew more than she had originally let on (and even defended Alicia). And just like Alicia was ready to fight to the proverbial death for her new firm, Will gave his own call to arms: "Kalinda, I’m building this firm into the biggest in the country, starting today. And I need to know who I can trust.... I’m going to destroy the competition." Kalinda pledged her loyalty to Will. Again. But it is Kalinda, so one can never be too sure.

Over in Peter's world, he learned from a phone call that Alicia had been fired. So what did he do? Call Will, of course. It's a good thing these two fought over the phone. Had it been in person, I'm pretty sure a punch or two would have been thrown. But the tension between these two was palpable. Will is obviously a sore subject between Peter and Alicia. So the minute Peter learned Alicia had been fired, he lashed out at Will, ready for a fight. This testosterone-fueled argument was very telling: Just because Alicia may not be at Lockhart/Gardner doesn't mean the complicated Peter/Will/Alicia triangle is taken care of. Peter, now a man with extreme political significance, will stop at nothing to protect his wife. And Will isn't going to just sit back and let Peter attack him. The moral of the story? We definitely haven't seen the end of a fighting Will and Peter.

Speaking of Peter, he stopped by Alicia's temporary office (a.k.a. her apartment) to make sure she was okay with her recent loss of job. Instead, he found a reinvigorated, ass-kicking wife. And unsurprisingly, he was turned on. (These two are attracted to power.) So naturally, they had a quickie in the bedroom...with all of Alicia's new co-workers in the other room. After she was, um, satisfied, Alicia went back out to join her new firm. But not before realizing she forgot to put her underwear back on. She may have been going commando trying to get Florrick/Agos off the ground, but not when it came to wardrobe choices.

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