The Good Wife recap: This Changes Everything!

Alicia and Cary's plans to leave Lockhart/Gardner are finally exposed, and the battle for top clients begins 
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 27, 2013

GET OUT Will finally learns of Alicia's plans to leaves the firm and doesn't take the news too well

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Will asked Robyn keep an eye on Alicia, totally unaware that Robyn is in cahoots with the Florrick/Agos team, and focused on getting his quorum to get Alicia out for good. The board needed Diane for the numbers, and since her exit package was still not final, she had to step in to be the final vote to remove Alicia. Even though it was Diane that brought all the betrayal to light, she was hesitant to vote against Alicia. She's got her own career to worry about, and getting in bad with the governor's wife would likely hurt her judgeship. But she eventually gave the go ahead.

Then, the pink slips started to come down fast. Carey Zepps? You're fired. Cary Agos? Bye to you, too! Diane gave Cary a piece of her mind about the betrayal. As his mentor, she took the news extremely hard. But Cary reminded her that this was not the first time he'd been fired by Lockhart/Gardner and that starting his own firm made sense. (And I wanted to remind Diane that someone so highly offended by betrayal might want to remember her own act of betrayal against Will a few weeks ago. These things are cyclical, I suppose.) The best part of this scene was that Diane demanded that Cary give her a list of everyone he was working with. Instead, he supplied her a list with the office's protected classes, knowing it would buy them some time, and that Lockhart/Gardner couldn't fire those people.

Will got the votes he needed to remove Alicia, and so the security guards escorted her out of the offices.
Alicia: "This was never meant personally."
Will: "I don't give a damn."
Ugh! So heartbreaking. Once again, it's definitely personal. And regardless of where you stand on the Team Will/Team Peter front, you can't deny the tug on your heartstrings as Alicia cried during her elevator trip. Did she make the right decision? I tend to think yes. But Alicia clearly had a moment of doubt as she said goodbye to the firm that jump started her career.

Before Alicia was sent packing, she had time to call Zach to see if he could help her access files from the firm's cloud. And one of Alicia's clients, Candace (Tonya Glanz), found out her case had taken a backseat to the firm's inner turmoil. This story line took a backseat in the episode as well, but served as a connection for Will and Alicia when Candace reached out to Alicia after Will had to take over the deposition that he clearly didn't have time for.

Will finally met with Kalinda to get all the information she had about the exodus. She gave him the impression she knew less than she did, but promised Will she was on his side. In the meantime, Will organized a mass calling of the clients to ensure they weren't leaving. And he decided to get a restraining order against Cary and Alicia from pursuing any new clients. He knew he probably wouldn't win, but at this point, it was a race against the clock for both sides. They knew they needed all the time they could get, so both teams worked to slow the other down.

UP NEXT: Will vs. Alicia in court.... 

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