The Good Wife recap: The Calm Before the Storm

Elsbeth Tascioni represents Lockhart/Gardner in a sexual harassment suit, Diane and Kurt address some of the issues in their relationship, and Eli and Jackie lock horns 
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 20, 2013

EMMY-WINNING ELSBETH Carrie Preston returned as Elsbeth Tascioni to represent the firm in a sexual harassment suit 


Diane was called back to the firm to deal with the ongoing case, but prior to that she was airing out her aggressions on the gun range with Kurt. Later in the episode, the couple was interrupted at lunch by two of Diane's old law school pals Francesca (Helen Carey) and Lyle (Robert Klein). It became abundantly obvious that Diane's friends did not approve of Kurt or his last name. It was awkward.

Fran and Lyle later visited Diane at her home to discuss their concerns about Kurt. (How could she possibly be with a Palin supporter?!) They tried to convince her of her lapse of judgement, and Fran threw back some advice Diane had originally given her: Make sure your love can survive outside the bubble. (Hence, the episode's title.) Diane, although appreciative of their concern, told them to leave her love life alone. But that visit planted a seed of doubt in Diane's mind that she couldn't immediately shake. So she asked to meet Kurt's friends.

But Kurt's friends are all hot women in their 20s. Diane was none too pleased, and this set off an argument between the two about whether or not they should even get married. Thanks a lot, Fran and Lyle! But despite the fight, Diane went to city hall later in the episode and married her right-winged, gun-loving fiancé anyway. Adorable. I love Diane and Kurt together, ideological differences and all.

Over in Eli Gold world, he was dealing with his nemesis. No, not Becca. The elder Mrs. Florrick. Peter's mom was back and stirring up trouble. Without consulting Eli, she'd asked for the inaugural ball to be moved to the governor's mansion, and the unions threatened to strike. So Eli put his foot down, and told her not to challenge his authority. But he should know by now that things are never that simple when it comes to Jackie Florrick.

With Jackie seemingly in her place, Eli was still surprised when Ronnie (Dan Lauria) wouldn't call of the union strike. They had issues with Peter's support of the Governor of Wisconsin. It came to Eli's attention that Ronnie and Jackie were friendly. So Eli had to go back to Jackie with his tail between his legs, and apologize for his behavior. This scene was pure perfection because Eli had to approach Jackie in her elderly exercise class. Anyway, Eli needed Jackie's help with Ronnie, so she leveraged to get what she wanted: Control of the inauguration and decorating Peter's offices. Jackie: 1; Eli: 0.

Memorable lines from "Outside the Bubble":
++ "I keep asking questions until they make sense." —Elsbeth

++ "Whenever you want something changed around here—no matter how small, no matter how insignificant—you have to ask.... You have to ask me. Not Peter. Not Alicia. Not the little fairies that sit on your shoulder. Just me." —Eli, to Jackie

++ "Where do you get your hair done?... I wish my hair would behave. It just flops." —Elsbeth, interrupting herself while talking to Kalinda

What did you think of "Outside the Bubble"? How excited are you about next week's episode? Do you agree that this has been one of the best seasons of The Good Wife? Sound off with all your thoughts. I'll see you here next week when we can finally discuss the "Hit the Fan" episode.

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