The Good Wife recap: The Calm Before the Storm

Elsbeth Tascioni represents Lockhart/Gardner in a sexual harassment suit, Diane and Kurt address some of the issues in their relationship, and Eli and Jackie lock horns 
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 20, 2013

EMMY-WINNING ELSBETH Carrie Preston returned as Elsbeth Tascioni to represent the firm in a sexual harassment suit 


Chrissy's suit was quickly losing ground, but someone from the firm leaked the Howard Lyman video to Viola's team. Kalinda gave Cary a heads up that it was one of the "rebel" fourth years. She gave him a 30-minute head start to deal with Tony. But that didn't go too well. Tony threatened to rat out the other fourth years when they fired him. He would lose his bonus if he lost his job, so he wanted to share the bonuses with the rest of the fourth years. Ugh, Tony!!

In the end, that video leak didn't matter. The real nail in Chrissy's lawsuit coffin was a testimony from Kalinda. Chrissy accused pretty much everyone of some sort of misconduct -- except Kalinda. And the reason? Chrissy and Kalinda had an ongoing flirtation (and, ahem, likely more) going on at the office. Sorry, Chrissy. Game over.

Diane's return to the firm for the suit wasn't as uncomfortable as I suspected it might be. But she did have an odd encounter with Will. She told him they still hadn't negotiated her exit package. His response? They had negotiated, she just hadn't accepted. Diane told him she would accept the current offer if he'd let her finish out her gun control case and her Sonya Rucker contract, and indemnify her from Chrissy's harassment case. (She didn't want the negativity to affect her judgeship.) Will reluctantly agreed.

Meanwhile, the fourth years approached Alicia in the office. They were having trouble downloading case files because of the firm's firewall. They needed her to use her partner access to get them the files they needed. Alicia was hesitant, but apparently she agreed to do their dirty work. As Diane was trying to download Sonya Rucker's case file, she realized Alicia was already using it. Alicia apologized to Diane, saying it was just a mistake. But the red flag had already been raised.

Diane's suspicions continued throughout the episode, and culminated in her meeting with Sonya Rucker. Diane baited Sonya into telling her about leaving Lockhart/Gardner. "A firm with the governor's wife on the letterhead is hard to pass up." The episode concluded with Diane going into Will's office to share the not-so-good news: "Alicia's leaving the firm with Cary, and she's taking our top clients." Oh, snap!!

NEXT: Diane and Kurt deal with their differing opinions....

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