The Good Wife recap: Let the Battle Begin

Diane and Will battle it out after she betrays him in an interview and Alicia represents a client over a surrogacy contract
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 13, 2013

THE NEW WILL AND DIANE? Will presents Alicia with an offer that forces her to reevaluate her plan to leave with Cary and the other fourth years.

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Eli and Peter wanted her to return to head up the ethics commission, but operate out of Springfield. Peter and the rest of the crew would stay in Chicago. Marilyn said she'd only consider the job if she was given unfettered access and could stay in Chicago. Peter said he wanted a day to think about it, which essentially meant that by episode's end, Marilyn got herself her new (technically old) job. Important Marilyn quote: "Ethical issues are never obvious, and they never go away." I am probably reading way too much into this, but I feel like she's also talking about their chemistry. It's not super obvious right now, but Marilyn isn't going away. And the writers have to be setting them up to hook up, right?

Meanwhile, Alicia finally noticed Grace's new grown-up look. And Zach finally showed Alicia why her youngest child had been getting extra attention: the 10 Hottest Politicians' Daughters list. (Did you notice Zach had the bleating goat from last week pop up on his computer?) Alicia browsed the site and the unfortunate comments, and it put her on edge. So it wasn't all that surprising when she told off Cam (P.J. Griffith), a motorcycle riding guy who came to the apartment to visit Grace. It was a great exchange:

Cam: "You must be Mrs. Florrick. I told Grace I might swing by after dinner. I'm running a little late."
Alicia: "She's out. But maybe you'd like to come in and have a beer?"
Cam: "Yeah. That'd be great. Thanks!"
Alicia: "Are you insane? My daughter is 16 years old. You do not come knocking at her door again. Do you understand, Cam? Now is the time to say yes!"
Cam: "Yes."
Alicia: "Good! Express elevator is right behind you. Turn around!" [slams door]

As it turned out, Cam was just Grace's pastor. He was stopping by to pick up some reading material. Then, Alicia and Grace have the heart-to-heart that all mothers and daughters have: Grace just wants to be pretty! Alicia tells her she is, and Grace responds with, "You have to say that." But we had a sweet mother/daughter moment last week with Veronica and Alicia, and this week it was Alicia and Grace.

It's interesting that Kalinda didn't know Alicia was leaving. Like Robyn, I just assumed that since Kalinda knew Cary and the other fourth years were leaving, word of Alicia's departure would have gotten around. I mean, Kalinda is an investigator. In other news, Peter told Alicia he wanted to renew their vows before the inauguration. Do you think they're actually going to go through with it? And finally, do you think both Will and Diane are overreacting about the firm's situation? Will knew about Diane's plans to leave so her exit would have been an issue regardless. Or do you think they're both perfectly justified in being so upset at each other? And finally, would you choose Dan Brown or Hemingway? Sound off in the comments.

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