The Good Wife recap: Say You're Sorry

Alicia represents a client who keeps making insensitive remarks, and Diane and Louis Canning keep up their battle for power at Lockhart/Gardner
Ep. 21 | Aired May 11, 2014

NUMBERS GAME Alicia & Co. scramble to seat an appropriate jury after their client makes several insensitive remarks

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Rayna eventually saw Diane and told her they wouldn't be able to work together. Rayna was hearing rumors about Diane not being able to put Will's death behind her. None of that is true, of course. Diane stormed into Florrick/Agos to confront them about stealing Rayna away. But they had nothing to do with it. Canning is the source of all this drama. He'd been feeding bad information to Rayna to make sure Lockhart/Gardner would get the Kael Pepper business. So Canning won this round, but it ended up hurting him in the Paisley trial. I still think he's probably happy with the $8 million in yearly business.

Best lines and moments from "What Love Means":

++ Louis Canning: "You have changed."
Alicia: "Yes, I have."
Louis Canning: "I liked the old Alicia better."

++ "Oh, come on. You don't understand. This is not about the facts. It’s about what the facts can be made to look like." --Eli, perfectly explaining politics to Finn

++ "I still can’t get used to this place. You need more walls." --Eli, talking about the Florrick/Agos offices

++ Howard Lyman: "What do I call you? Is it, uh, crippled, or handicapped, or what’s that other word?"
Louis Canning: "What do you call me? How about Louis?"
Howard Lyman: "No. When I'm talking to other people. What do I call you? Challenged. Isn’t that the word? Challenged. Do you like that?"
Oh, Howard. Never a dull moment, but frequently an offensive one.

++ Kalinda startling Louis Canning in his office

++ "Gooooaaaalll!" --Louis Canning

++ "That was really crappy." --Louis Canning, to Kalinda after she answered his phone while he was trying to ignore Alicia's call

++ "Diane, if you represent only the innocent, you’ll go quickly out of business." --Louis Canning

++ Peter: "Eli, do you know Lauren? She’s one of our interns."
Eli: "I haven’t had the pleasure."
Lauren: "I get your coffee every morning, Mr. Gold."

++ Peter: "I will not be contained in a bubble. I have to be with people. That’s who I am."
Eli: "Okay, if this were a normal conversation, I would now make fun of you for saying that Lauren the intern is people. Because I can find you people in the supermarket or the Shop 'n Save, but this doesn’t seem to be a normal conversation, so what the hell is going on?"

++ Peter: "Eli, I don’t pry into your life."
Eli: "I don’t have a life. Your life is my life."

What did you think of the episode? We got a quick scene of Cary and Kalinda in bed together. What is going on with those two? How do you think the Diane vs. Louis battle will play out in the season finale? Will Peter start something with Lauren the intern? We also learned that Finn is divorced. He and Alicia aren't an item right now, but do you think they'll become one? Do you want to see them together? And most important, what did you think of Finn's haircut?

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