The Good Wife recap: Say You're Sorry

Alicia represents a client who keeps making insensitive remarks, and Diane and Louis Canning keep up their battle for power at Lockhart/Gardner
Ep. 21 | Aired May 11, 2014

NUMBERS GAME Alicia & Co. scramble to seat an appropriate jury after their client makes several insensitive remarks

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Peter was highly irritated with Eli's micromanaging. They argued about the situation, and Peter came pretty close to spilling the beans about his and Alicia's new arrangement. And that was enough to make Eli realize something was going on. So Eli paid a visit to Alicia to get some answers. She remained tight-lipped at first, but eventually opened up: "This is about everything. I'm just tired, Eli. I'm just done." Eli was shocked by the news, but played his part, telling her that she loved Peter and that he loved her. But I think his words are too little too late. Can anything rectify Peter and Alicia's relationship at this point?

Peter was also irritated that Eli spoke to Alicia behind his back, but the truth is out there now. And Eli isn't happy about it. He knows that any extra-marital activities will eventually go public; they always do. So Peter told Eli about the photo of Finn leaving Alicia's apartment.

Eli went to see Alicia and directly asked her if she was sleeping with Finn. This obviously didn't go over well. But eventually, Alicia confirmed what we already know: She's not sleeping with Finn, and this was just Castro making a play. Eli told Peter that Finn and Alicia weren't together, but that didn't stop Peter's interest in Lauren the intern. That's how the episode ended: Peter looked at a picture of Alicia, the one saved as his computer background. He closed his laptop, and then Lauren arrived at his office. She asked if he needed anything. And I yelled at the TV. "NOPE!" Peter's not heeding Eli's advice, and this can only end poorly, right?

Over at Lockhart/Gardner, Rayna Hecht (Jill Hennessy) returned. She had asked Diane to be co-counsel on a class action suit against Kael Pepper. Louis Canning had an odd reaction to Diane's new business, so Diane asked Kalinda to figure out what was going on with him. (There's always something going on with him! He's Louis Canning!) Instead of investigating, Kalinda went straight to the source. Canning admitted that he was in the process of signing Kael Pepper labs, and they obviously couldn't be representing both sides of the case.

Diane and Louis both wanted to keep their respective cases, so they agreed to pitch both options and let the firm decide. After a chat with David Lee, Diane thought she had a chance to get his vote if she could bring Hecht into the Lockhart/Gardner fold. Word on the street was that Hecht wasn't happy with her new partner, Elsbeth Tascioni. (Miss you, Elsbeth!) But Rayna didn't show up to her meeting with the Lockhart/Gardner crew later in the episode. Diane assumed Rayna had gone to Florrick/Agos -- information she got from Kalinda. And Kalinda, of course, got that information while she was in bed with Cary.

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